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Sandip University is one of the best BBA colleges in Nashik that offers a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) programme that provides students with a strong foundation in core business disciplines. When studying this programme students will learn Business theory, business laws and ethics, economics, entrepreneurship fundamentals, e-business, project management. The BBA programme offered by Sandip University is a 3 year program spread across 6 semesters. Sandip University’s salient features make it one of the top BBA colleges in India.

Sandip University’s BBA programme is considered among the best BBA degrees programmes in India because professors and teachers are resident faculty at Sandip University. They mentor and befriend students, taking education beyond the confines of a classroom. Without a doubt upon finishing the programme students do not just graduate, but transform into well-rounded individuals. The pedagogical relationship between students and teachers puts Sandip University on the list of best BBA colleges in Maharashtra.

Benefits of the Programme:

  • A well-designed curriculum that is created to fill the gap between industry and academia
  • Guest lecturers from industry experts, seminars, workshops, industry visits, and internships make a huge impact on the overall educational and personal development of students
  • Well-trained faculty members balance the students’ theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of business functions
  • Extracurricular activities and project-based learning helps students develop an independent personality making them employable professionals

Career & Placement Opportunities:

Businesses across the globe are changing at a surreal pace. With the advent of digitalisation there is a massive requirement for professionals who can come up with practical methods to propel a business towards great heights. To keep up with the ever changing demands of businesses, Sandip University offers students an industry-compliant curriculum and 100% placement assistance to all students through a massive annual recruitment drive. Some of the best companies where business school graduates can be placed in India are:

  • Amazon India
  • Flipkart
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Tata Group
  • Godrej Group
  • IKEA
  • Reliance Group

If you wish to pursue this programme or have any further queries, please call Sandip University’s toll-free number 1800-212-2714.

  • Course Structure
  • Syllabus
  • Subject List
  • Academic Calendar
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  • Events
  • Faculty
  • Timetable

Subject List BBA :

First Semester

  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Business Economics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Contemporary English I
  • Disaster Management
  • French I / German I

Second Semester

  • Principles of Cost Accounting
  • OB&POM
  • Business Statistics
  • Contemporary English II
  • Environmental Science
  • French II / German II

Third Semester

  • Fundamentals of Marketing Management
  • Essentials of Financial Management
  • Business Laws
  • MIL-I
  • GE- I
  • Computer Fundamentals & Introduction to Office 365

Fourth Semester

  • Business Research Methodology
  • MIL-II
  • DSE-1
  • DSE-2
  • GE 2
  • Introduction to Cyber Laws and Security

Fifth Semester

  • Production & SCM
  • Summer Intership Project
  • DSE-3
  • DSE-4
  • DSE-5

Sixth Semester

  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • DSE-6
  • DSE-7
  • DSE-8

Generic Elective Course (GE)

  • ERP-III Sem
  • E Commerce-III Sem
  • MIS-IV Sem
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilities-IV Sem

Skill Enhancement Compulsory Course(SEC)

  • German I/French I
  • German II/French II
  • Computer Fundamentals and Introduction to Office 365
  • Introduction to Cyber Laws and Security

Academic Calendar:

  • Academic Calender 2019-20
  • Events


    Sr. No. Faculty Name Designnation Highest Qualification Experience
    1 Dr. Shailendra Kumar Jha Assistant Professor PH.D 17.4 - Years
    2 Rahmuddin Miyan Assistant Professor MBA 5.7 - Years
    3 Dr. Anand K. Choudhary Assistant Professor Assistant Professor H.O.D. 11.5 - Years
    4 Dr. Anisa Khanam Assistant Professor PH.D 15.3 - Years
    5 Prerna Poonj Assistant Professor MBA 5.4 - Years
    6 Ramakar Jha Assistant Professor MBA 1.0- Year
    7 Md. Kalimuddin Ansari Assistant Professor MBA 1.0- Year
    8 Akash Parth Sarthi Assistant Professor MBA 1.0- Year
    9 Dr. Madhusudan Narayan Assistant Professor PH.D 1.0- Year
    10 Abhishek Kumar Assistant Professor MBA 3.6 - Years


    Programme Years Sem Eligibility Fees Per Year


    BBA 3 Years 6 10 + 2 Level examination in Any discipline from any recognised Board / Council with minimum 50% Marks. Rs 75,000 /-


    • Hostel Type 01 :-Hostel Fees Rs. 70,000/- per annum (Deposit Rs 5,000 Refundable at the time of Admission Only , based on which the hostel can be alotted)
    • Hostel Type 02 :- Hostel Fees Rs. 60,000/- per annum (Deposit Rs 3,000 Refundable at the time of Admission Only , based on which the hostel can be alotted)
      Facilities Available :- Lodging , Fooding ( Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner) , Laundry and OPD (medical) facility available. Room Allotment at the descretion of Hostel Supervisor
      Pls Note :- More than 04 Students in One Room
    • Transportation Fees As applicable based on Route and Pick Up Point
    • Uniform cost Rs. 5,000/- (One Time)
    • Admission Form and Prospectus Rs. 1000/- (One Time)
    • Students can apply through DRCC but have to submit the original documents along with Rs 5000 /- (non - refundable) to the Admission Office then only the bonafide will be issued to the students.

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