As trade and industries expand, become more complex, government regulations turn more pervasive, national and international firms compete for markets – the principles and techniques of doing business become more critical for success.
Irrespective of the private or public sector, all businesses and economic activities use the functions to plan, organise, administer, control, produce market and distribute goods or services.
Sandip University Top School for Commerce & Management Studies offers programmes that are specifically designed to give a sound understanding of business, economics, their methods and functionalities and also their inter-relationships. In addition to this, we inculcate students an understanding of modern business and commerce. It helps to create awareness about emerging new business opportunities plus ways of harnessing them, understanding the constraints and developing analytical, business skills to overcome them in a real business situation.
Sandip University strives to achieve this through some undergraduate and postgraduate specialisations that are rigorously designed, continuously revised and updated by highly accomplished faculties. All these are done through consulting with the key stakeholders, academicians, industry experts with a focus on addressing local, regional, state, national and international requirements and standards. As a result, today Sandip University is recognized as a top commerce and MMS colleges in Maharashtra.


Develop a global perspective of business from national platform to harness the tremendous business opportunities of the nation and the world as well
Management studies aim at creating and disseminating real-life centric knowledge to develop active and professionally committed, ethically guided managers.
• Develop competent and ethical leaders and entrepreneurs, who anticipate, analyse and manage contemporary as well as emerging business and social issues
Impart a thorough understanding of the economy and business through commerce education focusing on the factors driving the economic behaviour at individual and organizational level
Equip with analytical, communication and problem-solving skills to effectively identify issues, source information to find useful and practical solutions.
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Career Prospects

Right from employment to entrepreneurship, the opportunities are in plenty with vacancies in private and public sectors, various industries, banking and financial institutions and also in the retail market.
Some of the job areas are Accountancy, General Business Management, Finance and Financial Consulting, Business Analysis, Strategic Management and Planning to name a few.

Programs Offered

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