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Welcome to the School of Agriculture Science, Sijoul Madhubani Bihar. India is primarily an Agrarian economy with the country ranking second worldwide in farm output. The course curriculum of the agriculture degree dispense the education related to horticulture, food production, rural economy, animal rearing, and environmental health, rural development, etc. The agriculture field never face downsizing as food is necessity of the whole world.

Present age belongs to Agriculture Science and there are several areas where Agricultural Science is directly or indirectly involved. Starting from its use in medicines, Agricultural Science has a pivotal role to play in many other fields as well. There is a need to make Agricultural Science education socially relevant by making it capable of responding to continuously growing and changing needs of the society

Sandip University - School Agriculture Science

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Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit At Bihar Ma Durga Agro Industries Pvt Ltd, Pandaul, Madhubani - 847234

Celebration of National Nutritional Week at Shri Mahavir Thakur School of Agriculture Sciences

Tribute of Dr. M.S. Swaminathan (Father of Indian green revolution) on 28th September 2023

Celebration Of Teachers Day


Campus: Neelam Vidya Vihar, Village Sijoul, P.O. Mailam,
Madhubani, Bihar, India.

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