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Welcome to the School of Education, Sijoul Madhubani Bihar. In India, a teacher is one of the most sacred influences that children have in their lifetime. The main focus of Sandip University’s School of Education is to be one of the best colleges in Sijoul that is dedicated to creating valuable and employable educators for the upcoming generations of India.

Over the last few years, there has been a radical change in the kind of educational institutes that have cropped up all over the country, creating a massive need for qualified and well-trained teachers.

Sandip University - School of Education

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We are accepting applications for multiple courses under UG & PG programs at School of Education. Our programs are tailored to ensure that each of our students gets exposure to real-world learnings and becomes a leader in their respective fields.

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Sandip University - School of Education



Campus: Neelam Vidya Vihar, Village Sijoul, P.O. Mailam,
Madhubani, Bihar, India.

Email: info.sijoul@sandipuniversity.edu.in

Phone: 1800-313-2714

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