A Step Towards Clean and Healthy India

Four, 19 years old Students, Yash Gupta, Rahul Patil, Rushikesh Kasar and Prakash Sonawane, from Sandip Foundation’s Sandip Polytechnic, Nashik have invented a smart Dustbin named "KRRYP GarbageATM".

The GarbageATM not only performs the function of collecting the garbage and providing coupons or cash back but also spreads general knowledge amongst the citizens. All the citizens have to do is to deposit garbage in the garbageATM.
When a person comes near to GarbageATMhe will observe two dustbins A & B respectively, a LCD Display and a RFID Reader.The Display will show Please Swap your Card.Then the person will swap the RFID Tag he carries and the Reader will read the tag and display the information about the citizen simultaneously the audio will be played.After this a Question with two options (A/B) will be displayed on the display and the voice module will play the track of question with Option. For Example, if the question is WHO IS THE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA?And option are A) NarendraModi; B)PranavMukharji. As we all know option A is correct so the person will dump his garbage in dustbin A. Then the LCD will display“CONGRAST YOUR ANSWER IS RIGHT” simultaneously the track will be played, the person will get some POINTS on the basis of amount of garbage dumped and these points can be converted into MOBILE RECHARGE or SHOPPING POINTS.Else, if he thinks that option B is correct which is actually wrong and the person dumps the waste in Dustbin B the display will show “SORRY YOUR ANSWER IS WRONG. TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME” simultaneously the track will be played.Then the display will show “THANK YOU VISIT AGAIN”. Then this process will restart again.
KRRYP GarbageATM can be installed in Public Places where cleanness is required, Railway Station, Airports, Bus Stands, Temples etc. are the main Public places where clean environment is required and people will get interact with GarbageATM, Shopping Complex where people will get attracted towards this Bin, Residential Areas, Commercial Areas, Industries can be the main places where this GarbageATM can be installed.
"When you live for strong purpose, then hard work isn't an option its necessity" is the what these four student follow says, Faculties from Sandip Foundation's Sandip Polytechnic, Nashik.
The group has recently been recognized and awarded by Naresee-Monjee Best Project award at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT University), Vellore (T.N.). Along with this, Sandip Polytechnic also received best polytechnic Award. The group has also received best project award at national level in Nashik, Jalgaon, Dhule and Mumbai.

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Vending machine for Sanitary Napkin in education institutes

As per the Directorate of Technical Education Maharashtra government rule it is mandatory to install ​Vending machine for Sanitary Napkin in education institutes where girls students are there.

Considering this rule, our final year students (Kajal Patil, Pratiksha Patil, Akanksha Sangle) have developed such machine. They have demonstrated the same and got​ the purchase order of 7 machines from, chairman, Dr Sandip Jha, for installations at different locations in the campus of Sandip Foundation. We request you to support our students to grow as an entrepreneur. You are requested to install this machine in rural area high schools and colleges as a CSR activity in Health and Sanitation.
This machine is both battery operated and with plug in feature having capacity of 30 napkins. One can vend a single napkin for Rs 5 only. Picture of Machine and the related news is attached here for your kind reference. Govt. has given recognition to this project through IEDC cell of the college.

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Patented Project "Automatic Operation of Car Fuel Flap"

Shubham Kothawade, Jayesh Sangapal and Ganesh Kumbhar under the guidance of Prof. S. S. Raut (HOD, ME) have designed and fabricated a prototype for Automatic Operation of Car Fuel Flap that can be

manufactured easily and can be installed in almost all types of cars & later in heavy vehicles too.

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A revolutionary change for Maharashtra Police

Student of Sandip University created a traditional Multi functional stick.
Technological innovation is indeed important for economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities.

Driven by extremely young, diverse and inclusive Student has come up with such innovation driven Multifunctional stick for Maharashtra Police. The brainchild of 22-year-old, Student at Sandip Foundation, Nashik, Chetan Nandane is all set to take innovation to the next level.
Student from Bhusawal a small village in Jalgaon created an innovative stick for Maharashtra police. He is a student of Sandip Foundation– 3rd year Engineering Electronics Department. Along with studies he started his company FLYHEIGHT ELECTRO ARC PRIVATE LIMITED. This company has eight innovative products. One of them is for Maharashtra Police named as Multifunctional Police stick.
This Multifunctional stick has many features, like it has GPS connectivity, 5 High Brightness Led for night patrolling , Camera, Voice Recorder, Metal detector, and shock treatment system were in a person will get a minor shock of 12volt so that person will sense a current for 9 seconds. These multifunctional stick is for security purpose and to control crime.
Chetan says, “In last few years number of criminals has increased. Something should be done to stop the crime, so I started doing research and took an initiative to make this Multifunctional stick for Maharashtra Police. It took 1 and half year to complete this Police baton with the help of professors of Sandip Foundation. Many times what happen is riots takes place, and there is no eyewitness to prove or to talk about the actual scenario, this stick will help to catch the criminal as it has camera and voice recorder specifications.”
“Take up one idea around you; Make that idea your life, think of it, live for it. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea. This is what Chetan Nandane has followed as a success mantra and converted one idea in to the product useful for society” said ​Dr. Gayatri M. Phade, Associate Prof. & HOD (E&TC) Sandip Foundation's

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Winner of State Level Quiz Competition

Dr. Vikhe Patil Institute of Technology & Engineering, Pravra Nagar, Ahmednagar is organized a state Level Quiz Competition on 17th Sept 2016.

Utkarsh Rai, Shrikant Avhad & Nitesh Pal is from Computer department of Sandip Institute of Polytechnic won Second Prize of Rs.2000/- while Siddhant Nagarkar, Sagar Ahire & Jay Kothawade of Mechanical department won Third Prize of Rs.1500/-.

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Winners Of Quiz Competition under Force 2015 at KK Wagh COE Nashik

A group of two students named Prashant Pipriya and Vivek Kankariya won first prize in a Quiz Competition under Force 2015 which was held at KK Wagh COE Nashik on 13th March 2015.

Winners Of Surveying E-Everest Competition

A group of three students Prashant Pipriya, Akshay Gangurde and Nilesh Malunjkar won first prize in Surveying E-Everest Competition under Force-2015 at KK Wagh COE Nashik held on 13th March 2015.

Second prize winner in STHAPATYA 2K16 organized by NDMVP COE Nashik

Miss. Damini Patil student of T.E Civil Engineering won second prize in Poster Presentation Competition at STHAPATYA 2K16 organized by NDMVP COE Nashik on 14th March 2016.

Winners Of Surveying E-Everest Competition

Mr. Tushar Patil, Mr. Akash Bhoye and Mr. Shubham Kolhe the students of TE Civil Engineering won first prize for Best Township Planning @ “ Nirmitee 2016” organized by Pune Municipal Corporation at MIT Pune on 17th and 18th March 2016.

Winners Of MSBTE Zonal Football Tournament

“Where there is a will; there is a way”. The football team players of Sandip Polytechnic enjoying their success at the MSBTE sponsored Zonal Football Tournament, 2016 and inspiring others to fall in their footsteps.

Winners Of MSBTE Zonal Kabaddi Tournament

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms, Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a Desire, a Dream, a Vision”. A proud moment for the Sandip Polytechnic’s winner team of Zonal Kabaddi Tournament 2016.

First Prize For Project Competition Held at Sinhgad College of Engineering

Students of TYEE Argude Rushikesh, Khare Pratik, Nigal Akshay, Wankhede Shubham won first prize for Project Competition held at Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune on 12 March 2016.

Winner of MSBTE Sponsored Technoquiz Competition-2016

MSBTE Sponsored Technoquiz Competition-2016 is organized at Sandip Institute of Polytechnic on 20/01/2016. PrathmeshMuley, RoshanTiley (TYME) are winner and TruptiPatil, Rameshwari Nile (TYME) are runner up.

First Prize Winner For Poster Competition at RSM Polytechnic, Nasik

1st Prize for Poster Competition to Harshad Ukar & Omkar Kasarof SYEE and NinadDeshpande and PrathmeshMuley of TYME, held at NDMVP’s RSM Polytechnic, Nasik on 24/02/2016.

Winners Of MSBTE Zonal Cricket Tournament

“Perseverance pays in all, be it cricket or be it football”. Sandip Polytechnic’s Cricket Team rejoicing their grand success at the MSBTE sponsored Zonal Cricket Tournament, 2016

Winner of Bridge Making Competition under Force 2015

A group of three students of third year Civil Engineering named Avshesh Savani, Prathmesh Kulkarni, Yash Bhamre bagged the first prize in a Bridge Making Competition under Force 2015 which was held at KK Wagh COE Nashik on 13th March 2015.