About Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC)

IQAC is one of the body that plays vital role in overall development of the University. It strengthens the academic domain as well as suggests the modification in administrative domain. This cell forecasts the need of industry and society and provides the valuable inputs to various statutory bodies like Governing Body and Board of Management. The recommendations given by IQAC includes the commencement of new curriculums, modifications in the existing curriculum to cater to the need of employers, implementation of ‘New Education Policy (NEP) – 2020’ for all the programs offered by University. The faculty development strategies also come under the purview of this committee that includes qualification up-gradation, promotion in service, sponsorship for attending the conferences, workshops, seminars, research funding, seed money for research etc. The committee also suggests the development of infrastructure, up-gradation of IT facilities, availability of rich knowledge resources in library etc. In addition, this committee executes the academic audits that helps to identify the gaps in curriculum which converges to Value Addition Program, skill based programs, global certification programs and entrepreneurship development programs. This initiative nurtures the progression of students in terms of placement, higher studies, competitive examinations and start ups.