An important part of the rising University, Our School of Computer Science & application is among the few computer science colleges in Nashik which acts as an important destination for creating a vast pool of computer experts. In a recent years, the development of computer science has been increased by leaps & bounds, which has uplifted the demand of computer science courses in India. There is a huge demand of computer science coming from the western countries, that craves an experts graduated from a premier universities & should possess hands-on technical experience from good MNC organizations. Sandip University School of Computer Science has a strong belief which defines a well-structured learning environment, that provides an aspirant that imparts the global level of education. These educational institutes provide B.Tech & M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering colleges


To create a sustainable development in the field of computer science & technology.
Creating awareness and exhibiting a new source of technological education.
Encouraging the young aspirants to follow their dreams related to create innovation & making certain amendments pertaining to computers.
Our strong interdisciplinary approach helps the students to build a ravishing career in computer science
We design a courseware that is much more flexible, which gives students an exposure by taking 360* consideration
The study of computer science is so challenging, that it helps to keep abreast of recent happenings in the technology.
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Career Prospects

Make a splendid career in the modern-age of computers and other related technological devices.
One of the major focus of this course is, to develop a student to deliver their autonomous creation that proves beneficial to the society & industry.
Identifying & formulating the pitfalls of an industry & trying to overcome it.
It acts as a special priority with the latest set of well-equipped innovations that embarks the new age of learning in computers
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Programs Offered