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Computer Sciences Engineering (CSE), focuses on both computer science and computer engineering. It covers digital aspects of electronics engineering, with added courses like computer architecture, processor design, and parallel computing.

Focused more on hardware-software integration, students get the expertise of design, implementation, and management of information system at both hardware and software levels. Computer science engineering scope encompasses specialisations in areas like algorithms, artificial intelligence, cryptography, security, graphics, Visualisation , numerical and symbolic computing, operating systems, distributed processing, software engineering.

computer sciences engineering subjects emphasises on electrical engineering (e.g., digital and analog circuits, integrated circuit design, VLSI design and control systems), hardware and electronics and allows you a lot of freedom to specialise in any chosen domain.

One of the Top Computer Science Engineering Colleges in India, Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering of Sandip University brings innovative pedagogy with a course structure balanced between theoretical knowledge and its real-life application with ample practical subjects distributed throughout the syllabus.

As the top Computer Science School in Bihar and Nashik, Sandip University offers you a magnificent world-class campus and infrastructure with a well-equipped laboratory, modern library. You will be assisted by highly qualified, accomplished faculties specialised in diverse areas from IITs and NITs.


  • Prepare students as responsible professionals with high ethical values, effective teamwork and ability to apply the gained knowledge with global perspective in national and social platform
  • Inculcate sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals with analysing and problem-solving skills to prepare them to succeed in profession, employment or to pursue postgraduate and research education
  • Provide students with world-class academic environment and curriculum to foster excellence, transparency, awareness and life-long learning

Career Prospects:

  • Some of the fantastic career prospects that computer science engineering brings are:
  • Employment with various government and private sector jobs in multiple roles like Software Developer, Hardware Engineer, System Designer, System Analyst, Network Engineers, Database Administrator
  • Pursuing higher studies in industry-specific technical skills. IT Companies in IT hubs like ‘Silicon Valley’ have a constant demand of CSE experts

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