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B.tech in Robotic Process Automation

Job opportunities after B.Tech in Robotic Process Automation

Engineering in robotics is multidisciplinary, and there are many prospects to work for some of the greatest companies in India and worldwide. A B.Tech in a robotics and automation is a good option to start one’s career in this field.  Future robotics engineers have a wealth of prospects, from manufacturing facilities to experimental robots for […]

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Benefits of Career in Robotic Process Automation

Is a Career in Robotic Process Automation Worth it in 2022?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that is created to automate uncomplicated repetitive tasks to save an employee’s time. The main aim is to help workers process tasks like processing applications, loans, and claims so that they can avoid conducting repetitive tasks and harness their potential to the limit. The use of RPA has […]

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