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As trade and industries expand, become more complex, government regulations turn more pervasive, national and international firms compete for markets – the principles and techniques of doing business become more critical for success.

Irrespective of the private or public sector, all businesses and economic activities use the functions to plan, organise, administer, control, produce market and distribute goods or services.

Sandip University’s School for Commerce & Management Sciences (SOCMS) is a top management institute in Maharashtra that offers programmes specifically designed to provide a sound understanding of business, economics, their methods and functionalities and also their inter-relationships.

In addition to this, we inculcate in students an understanding of modern business and commerce which helps to create awareness about emerging new business opportunities plus ways of harnessing them, understanding the constraints and developing analytical, business skills to overcome them in a real business situation through some of the most industry-synced management courses in Nashik.

Sandip University strives to achieve this through cutting-edge management studies in Nashik and undergraduate and postgraduate specialisations that are rigorously designed, continuously revised and updated by highly accomplished faculties. All these are done through consulting with the key stakeholders, academicians, industry experts with a focus on addressing local, regional, state, national and international requirements and standards. As a result, today Sandip University is recognised as a Commerce and Management institute in Maharashtra.


  • Develop a global perspective of business and to harness the tremendous business opportunities of the nation and the world as well
  • Management studies aim at creating and disseminating real-life centric knowledge to develop active and professionally committed, ethically guided managers.
  • Develop competent and ethical leaders and entrepreneurs, who anticipate, analyse and manage contemporary as well as emerging business and social issues
  • Impart a thorough understanding of the economy and business through commerce & management education focusing on the factors driving the economic behaviour at individual and organisational level
  • Equip with analytical, communication and problem-solving skills to effectively identify issues, source information to find useful and practical solutions.

Career Prospects:

After completing a management program from one of the best management colleges in Nashik, students have a plethora of career opportunities open to them. Right from employment to entrepreneurship, the opportunities are in plenty across private and public sectors, various industries, banking and financial institutions, and the retail market. Professionals can be employed in areas like Accountancy, General Business Management, Finance and Financial Consulting, Business Analysis, and Strategic Management and Planning, to name a few.

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain

Welcome to SOCMS,

Dear Students,

Since 2017, we are providing experiential business education. Our sole mission is helping students to become “competent business managers who are also principled value-based leaders”. We have succeeded in our mission by embracing a 100% interactive educational philosophy, which is practiced organization-wide - by students and faculty. Alumni and corporate leaders holding managerial and leadership positions in various reputed organizations lend a supporting hand in this endeavor.

We are committed to providing world-class business education. Thus, our business school offers a brilliant portfolio of management educational programs that are recognized across the country. These programs include Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). Admission to these programs is strictly on merit basis, which has helped us attain the position to become “most reliable business schools in Nashik”. In addition to that, we offer doctoral program in management of the various discipline.

At SOCMS, students learn from faculty who are educated in renowned educational institutions and carry extensive knowledge both of industry and academics. Our faculty members are excellent in teaching and research, and regularly publish in top academic journals. They bring innovation and diversity to the classroom, which helps us deliver memorable learning experiences to students. In addition to that, students also get chance to interact with industry specialists and alumni, who help broaden their understanding about various business concepts through their own experiences.

Our educational programs offer a solid foundation of business education, and promise a hands-on learning experience. We use case studies, experiential learning, role plays and simulation to enrich classroom learning experiences of our students. Additionally, students are encouraged to organize and participate in conferences and various student-driven activities organized on campus as well as in other leading B-Schools throughout the year.

Year on year the number of corporates visiting the campus for recruitment is ever increasing. All recruiters readily agree on a fact that SOCMS students not only possess an ability to perform in challenging environments but also have a sharp sense to identify opportunities, and have positive attitude and fire in belly to excel.

Indeed, SOCMS is an exciting business school to study and shape your future. I would like to invite all aspiring management students who are interested in practical business education to join us for a life changing experience.

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain


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