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Sandip University is an UGC-approved University in India, located in Nashik, Maharashtra. It is ranked as one among the Best Universities in Maharashtra has earned recognition for its unique style of teaching & learning. The School of Commerce and Management Studies department attribute makes learning business management exclusive at Sandip University. Its specialised approach towards practicability paired with a research focus, innovation and entrepreneurship makes it different from others. Recognizing Sandip University's high standing among the best B-School in Nashik, Maharashtra and India, various companies have collaborated with us to have the best industry-academia courses and lab facilities.


India’s evolution as an emerging economic powerhouse is proving to be fertile ground for MBA graduates, because it is easier to navigate unstructured markets with a structured mind. Companies are constantly looking to expand in India and other such emerging economies, and they need professionals trained in business and management to give direction to their growth.

Your Future as a Professional Management

We upgrade your professional portfolio with industry-aligned programs, dynamic fraternity, state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, impeccable placements and much more.

  • Skilled managers are in demand in an array of industries. Managers with the appropriate experience and credentials are some of the world's highest paid professionals.
  • Adding managerial responsibilities to your job function will result in increased compensation. However, many firms also offer compensation growth options for their valued individual contributors, so moving to management is not the only way to grow your income.
  • Employment of management occupations is projected to grow 7 percent over the next ten years, faster than the average for all occupations, which will result in about 8 million new jobs.


All the programs are designed so that our graduates display the much needed and holistic attributes including:

  • Knowledge of Business, Management and Emerging Technologies
  • Research and Business Intelligence
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Intercultural Competence/Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Global Citizenship/Ethics (Collaborate, Negotiate and Resolve Conflicts).
    • Skill Development , Competency Building & Various Labs

      • One-on-one Counselling
      • Resume Writing
      • Linkedin Profile Building
      • Aptitude Test
      • Group Discussion
      • Advanced Trading Lab
      • Interview Training
      • Personality Development
      • Salary Negotiation
      • Sector Orientation Talks
      • Ms Excel Traning
      • Soft Skill & Language Lab
      • Mock Interviews
      • Communication & Etiquette
      • Current Affairs Quiz
      • Psychometric Test
      • Case Studies
      • Behavioural Lab
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Jain

Dr. R. Srikanth

Welcome to SOCMS,

Dear Students,

Since 2017, we are providing experiential business education. Our sole mission is helping students to become “competent business managers who are also principled value-based leaders”. We have succeeded in our mission by embracing a 100% interactive educational philosophy, which is practiced organization-wide - by students and faculty. Alumni and corporate leaders holding managerial and leadership positions in various reputed organizations lend a supporting hand in this endeavor.

We are committed to providing world-class business education. Thus, our business school offers a brilliant portfolio of management educational programs that are recognized across the country. These programs include Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). Admission to these programs is strictly on merit basis, which has helped us attain the position to become “most reliable business schools in Nashik”. In addition to that, we offer doctoral program in management of the various discipline.

At SOCMS, students learn from faculty who are educated in renowned educational institutions and carry extensive knowledge both of industry and academics. Our faculty members are excellent in teaching and research, and regularly publish in top academic journals. They bring innovation and diversity to the classroom, which helps us deliver memorable learning experiences to students. In addition to that, students also get chance to interact with industry specialists and alumni, who help broaden their understanding about various business concepts through their own experiences.

Our educational programs offer a solid foundation of business education, and promise a hands-on learning experience. We use case studies, experiential learning, role plays and simulation to enrich classroom learning experiences of our students. Additionally, students are encouraged to organize and participate in conferences and various student-driven activities organized on campus as well as in other leading B-Schools throughout the year.

Year on year the number of corporates visiting the campus for recruitment is ever increasing. All recruiters readily agree on a fact that SOCMS students not only possess an ability to perform in challenging environments but also have a sharp sense to identify opportunities, and have positive attitude and fire in belly to excel.

Indeed, SOCMS is an exciting business school to study and shape your future. I would like to invite all aspiring management students who are interested in practical business education to join us for a life changing experience.

Dr. R. Srikanth

List of Courses Offered by ICSI (Fees Inc. GST):

Sr No Course Offered Fees
1 Forensic Audit (FA) Rs. 24,100
2 Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) Rs. 18,200
3 Commercial Contract Management Rs. 18,200
4 Securities Law Rs. 18,200
5 Intellectual Property Rights Rs. 18,200
6 Corporate Restructuring Rs. 18,200
7 Certified CSR Professionals Rs. 14,660
8 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 Rs. 9,350
9 Independent Director Rs. 18,200
10 Prevention of Sexual harassment Rs. 24,100

List of Courses Offered by ICAI (Fees Inc. GST):

Sr No Course Offered Fees
1 GST (Goods & Service Tax) Rs. 1416
2 Income Tax Overview Rs. 2360
3 Taxation and E accounting Rs. 3540


Social Immersion Program

The program consists of a week-long engagement with various NGO's/Foundations, CSR heads, change makers, and individual stakeholders like rural artisans. It would provide a real-life perspective regarding societal challenges around. The students would be provided avenues to connect with the key stakeholders working on various issues and then work on a project to identify social problems and design solutions to identified problems in their final project submissions. In line with the vision of nurturing socially responsible business leaders, it is one small step in our program to create an awareness in the Society.

School of Commerce & Mannagement
School of Commerce & Mannagement

Entrepreneurship Immersion Programme

This extremely thoughtfully designed programme aimed at familiarising the students with Entrepreneurship and sensitising them towards opting for entrepreneurship as a career. The programme covered a range of topics such as basic concepts of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mind-set, business opportunity identification process, start-up ecosystem and business simulations.

School of Commerce & Mannagement

Corporate Immersion

Professional skills, like, strategic thinking, creativity, problem solving and many more are the need for today’s business and the most desirable and the same can be done through corporate immersion, being practiced in SOCMS, Sandip University. During this a fusion of classroom teaching imparted and experience of the corporate experience takes place making the students ready for delivering the business solutions. During interactions with business leaders and managers, the students develop understanding how they run their companies, how market forces influence their decisions, and what they perceive as current and future challenges and opportunities. By visiting both production facilities and corporate headquarters, the students see how management decisions directly affect operations and personnel. This in turn gives a learning opportunity which enables the students to have actual, direct and guided real-time workplace experience in their field of specialisation.

School of Commerce & Mannagement
School of Commerce & Mannagement

Global Immersion

Our Global Immersion program provides a high-level of exposure to the economic, cultural and geo-political drivers behind regions integral to the global economy. Here, students have the opportunity to learn from a tremendous group of professionals by interacting with them, while immersing themselves in another culture and building strong relationships across the geographical boundary, culture, caste, creed, race and religion. The New Age MBA program includes a week excursion tour in other country with project report and written assignments that helps students:

  • To provide an understanding of the region’s business, cultural, and political environments;
  • To explore the value of different economic models as benchmarks for global business practices
  • To promote intercultural awareness and communication.

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