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About MBA (International Business)

Graduates receive salary offers and jobs that provide a fulfilling work environment as well as financial security. A more modern MBA program, MBA International Business, was created in response to new business trends. Course materials give students the opportunity to adapt to changing trends in the global marketplace, making the course widely accepted and popular. The best MBA colleges in Nashik have prepared their Global MBA Business courses taking into account that you will acquire the following skills:

Benefits of this Program

Understand Macroeconomics

Learning about macroeconomic dynamics is one advantage of studying global business. You gain knowledge of a number of different elements that affect a country’s economic health as well as economic indicators you may use to compare nations side by side. These elements offer perceptions into how a nation’s commercial economy affects its citizens and other organizations.

An Appreciation for Different Cultures
The “soft skills” necessary to successfully navigate an international corporate environment, such as emotional intelligence, are just as crucial as the “hard skills” of macroeconomics. Engaging in international business exposes you to cultures that may be very different from your own. Making relationships is much easier if you are familiar with the traditions, celebrations, religious beliefs, social mores, and expectations of the cultures in the nations where you will be operating, selling, and hiring people. To lead with inquiry, empathy, and respect is to retain an open mind. Every commercial agreement is based on a relationship between two individuals. By increasing your cultural competency, you may position yourself to establish fruitful connections with business people abroad. The scope of an MBA in international business is wide and, therefore, one can gain an appreciation of different cultures.

Understanding International and Global Trends

It is very essential to understand the international business environment. We live in a global society. A person wants to do international business. If one wants to expand the business globally then it is essential to understand the international social and political environment. This is mandatory and is of an important nature. Also one can be a global entrepreneur and it becomes helpful to have a thorough knowledge of the global policies in which one lives. These policies can be helpful to draft the company policies as well. MBA in International Business colleges in Nashik are well-versed in global trends and can assist students in learning them.

Craft Winning Business Strategies.

The capacity to think globally and build company strategies with the broader picture in mind is a long-term benefit of studying international business. When developing effective plans, it’s crucial to consider every element that can have an impact on how your company moves toward its objectives. These considerations must take into account the political and social ties between the nations in which your corporation conducts business as well as the changes in the world economy that affect your market. A global business education may also influence the strategic objectives that your company pursues, such as expanding into a new market where your product may fill a gap in the market. It’s critical to keep in mind that the world of international business is always changing. As a result, your business approach should also change.

Career Opportunities in MBA (International Business)

Finance Analyst

International market dynamics are different but interrelated. It's a very complex structure and the job of an international financial analyst is to know all these markets and produce reports on investments in these markets

Mba International Business

Business Development Manager

This is a very important position as the Business Development Manager must ensure growth and development and work closely with the marketing and sales teams operating in international markets.

Mba International Business

International Marketing Manager

International Marketing Managers are professionals responsible for creating and executing marketing strategies for international markets

Mba International Business

International Product Manager

International Product Managers have full responsibility for products and services sold internationally

StructureProgram Structure

Accounting & Financial Analysis Innovation Management
Organizational Behavior and Principles of Management Business Laws
Quantitative Techniques in Management Economics for Business
Advanced Excel
Marketing Management Financial Management
Human Resources Management Business Research Methods
Operations Management Entrepreneurship Development
Sustainable Development Goals General Elective
Summer Internship Project Program Elective I
Program Elective II Program Elective III
Specialization : International Business
International Business Law International Marketing Research
Import and Export Management Disaster Management & Competitive Strategy
Strategic Management Major Research Project
Enterprise Performance Management Programme Elective IV
Programme Elective V Programme Elective VI
Specialization : International Business
Overseas Buying Behavior Global Logistics and Supply Chain
Corporate Ethics & Governance Cross Cultural Management

Fee Structure & Eligibility

Programme Sem Year Mode Eligibility Academic Fees
Per Year (INR)
Special Fees
(Incl. Library Fee & Examination Fees)
Per Year (INR)
Fees Per Year
MBA With Specialization in (International Business) 4 2 Sem Passed Bachelor Degree of minimum 3 years duration Obtained at least 50% marks (45% marks in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying Examination. Rs 1,20,000/- Rs 10,000/- Rs 1,30,000/-

  • Admission Form and Prospectus Rs.1000/- (One Time)
  • Caution Money Rs.1000 (Refundable)
  • Hostel Fees Rs.1,00,000/- per annum (Deposit Rs.5,000 at the time of Admission Only on Refundable basis)
  • Transportation Fees as applicable based on Route and Pick Up Point
  • Uniform cost Rs.5500/-

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