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About School Of Design:

Envisioning Future, Inspiring People, Nurturing Potential and Creating Opportunities all over the World, through Design.

When creativity and passion are combined with education, artful masterpieces are created. So, if you have a passion and want to develop a career in the field of design, entering the Sandip University’s School of Design will be a right decision.

Our aim is to enhance the next generation designers for making better future. We are a leading school of design with an open and interdisciplinary environment to work on innovative projects with leading companies. Adapting the method of design based experiential learning, we support young talents for developing a creative mindset.

Why Sandip University, School Of Design?

Sandip University’s School of Design focuses the three major goals which makes one of the best design school of the nation.

1. Academic and Creative Excellence

Sandip University’s, School of Design gives a rich learning experience based on the highest standards of academic and scholarly excellence; an environment that promotes only creativity and experimentation; and diverse experiential learning with a variety of industry partners

2. An Innovation Center

The School collaborates with industries to address key challenges, build an even stronger culture of innovative design solutions that are created by bringing different design tools, skills and perspectives together.

3. An Empowering Student Community

Sandip University, School of Design engages students with, learn from, and inspire each other—discovering how their differences and similarities promote creativity, intellectual and personal growth, and explore design concepts with a global perspective.

Objectives Of Sandip University, School Of Design

  • To provide students with a professional course of study within and across disciplines by offering them a creative space in which they develop necessary skills.
  • To bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing a range of opportunities to interact with professionals in the design industry.
  • To prepare well-rounded global citizens by cultivating and encouraging service-learning and engagement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that promote diversity, tolerance and real-world experience.

Unique Selling Proposition Of Sandip University,School Of Design

  • Provides picturesque infrastructure, which help students to get creative inspiration through nature and come up with innovative photographs, drawings and designs.
  • In-house infrastructure development helps Interior Design students to gain knowledge about on-site construction.
  • Various lab facilities are available like Textile-Physical & Chemical Lab,Textile-Dyeing & Printing Lab,Textile-Weaving Lab, Wood & Metal Lab, Skin Dermatology Lab,Chemistry & Quality Assurance Lab which will help students get hands-on experience and make actual products and models.
  • Conducting various guest lectures and workshops which help students to interact with expert industry professionals and experience alternative ways of learning and teaching.
  • Having tie-ups with reputed designers and design firms and guaranteed placement for all the students.
  • Being a multidisciplinary design school, students get exposure to all the design aspects and gain vast knowledge.
Dean’s Message

Dr. Vibha Kapoor
Dean, School of Design & HOD (Fashion Design)

There are so many exciting and fulfilling initiatives taking place in our department as we strive to achieve our missions of imparting learner-centered education and nurturing talent congenial to society. We recently started two courses namely Fashion and lifestyle design, Space & interior design under Futuristic degree programs. Various other courses like communication design, information design, industrial design etc. are in the pipeline.

I can say with complete confidence that what makes our college exceptional are the faculty and staff who are dedicated to help our aspiring students to become highly skilled & future ready professionals. The diverse faculty is deeply committed to educating outstanding students to become leaders in their fields, who will, in turn contribute positively to the exciting, dynamic and ever evolving field of fashion design and beauty cosmetology.

We provide education and training for our students in the bachelor and master levels via 5 different programes. The curriculum offers a unique amalgamation of classroom projects, internships, industry visits and interaction with industry experts to provide hand-on experience of concepts to students. We encourage you to visit our beautiful campus and meet our faculty. We are confident that our programs will meet your professional and creative aspirations.

Creativity in the right hands changes everything because it's not what you know, it's what you create with what you know. Make the future catch up to you..!


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