School Of fashion & cosmetology
 School Of fashion & cosmetology
Sandip University Features

About Fashion School:

School of Design is building one of the most niche 'Industry Network' to help internships and placements, classroom projects, client projects and experts from the Industry sharing real-time information and knowledge to our students.

The curriculum also offers flexibility to learn from Industry Experts as well as Industry visits that are needed for students to get the 'real feel' and understanding of the Industry's working methods, and work floor dynamics.

The curriculum also offers flexibility to learn from Industry Experts as well as Industry visits that are needed for students to get the 'real feel' and understanding of the Industry's working methods, and work floor dynamics.


In 2022, the Creative Industry is estimated at USD 6-Trillion world-wide; employs over 150-Million people and is growing @18% per annum. They are considered important sources of commercial and cultural value. “Interface between Creativity, Culture, Economics, and Technology as expressed in the ability to create and circulate intellectual capital has the potential to generate income, jobs, and exports while at the same time promoting social inclusion, cultural diversity, and human development.

Due to the exponential growth in Fashion, Space and Interiors Sector in last two decades, now it requires specialized skills and manpower. And with technology integrating in all parts of life, these sectors have moved into 'Hybrid Mode' that requires future proof professionals, who not only have 'Specialized Skills' but also are 'Tech Savvy'.

We at Sandip University have started 'Future Graduate' programs for the Creative Sector under the School of Design, that are developed by the leaders of Fashion & Interior Design Industry. The University is also establishing Future Labs to bring experiential knowledge and know how through future technologies & resources.

These programs will help a graduate transit into 'Future Careers' and 'Lead' the Fashion and Interior Design Industry instead of following.

School of Design Features

  • Futuristic Programs: In Fashion and Lifestyle Design, Interior and Space Design which focuses on 'Contemporary Skill Sets', 'Insights' and 'Entrepreneurial Skills' required by everchanging competitive Creative Industries.
  • Experienced & Celeb team:Our Mentors, Faculty and Staff are not just the most experienced in the Industry but were the founding teams of both NIFT/NID/JJ School of Art. These Mentors and Faculty members were also world's most acclaimed Design Academicians and Designers.
  • Large Industry Network:One of largest Industry Network in Domestic and Exports arena traversing across Designers, Brands, Retailers, Buyers, manufacturers, and others
  • Large Industry Network:The School of Design is under discussion with world leading universities/education institutions for collaborative programs, and progression to World-Class programs in Europe and the UK to create a career roadmap to 'Design Capitals' of the world.
Chairman’s message

Dr. Sandip N. Jha

Chairman, Sandip University

Sandip University has been ranked 9th among top emerging universities of India the achievement was due to the 'Disruptive and Innovative' environment at our university. Every student is nurtured in a holistic manner. We have created and crafted our programs, curriculums, faculty, inputs, infrastructure, and industry in that manner, so that it acts as an ecosystem to provide world-class and futuristic learning.

Besides academics it has the environment that shapes an individual, our 322 Acres campus has been designed with world-class facilities. The space inspires creativity and imagination and that's what makes Sandip University different from most of the Design Schools in India. Everybody is talking about technologies, but we want professionals that has EQ & IQ both, a more humane approach than AI controlled 22nd Century. Our curriculums are delivered in 'Hybrid Mode' to ensure that there is no overdose of technology, while retaining 'Tactile & Sensorial Learning'.

We welcome you on board to the School of Design and become part of the journey to develop 'Quality of Life' through design intervention. As aspiring and talented youth you will pick up streams of your choice, so that you can follow the dreams of becoming 'Young Designers' to serve society and the nation.

“All the programs are as per New Education Policy (NEP), which allows modularity, and helps in creating niche opportunity”.


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