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  • Fashion designing is an art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Top fashion designing colleges in India help the students to understand the requirements of the industry, convert complex creative projects from material experimentation to visual communication of the product at the same time keeping their own creative identity.
  • Fashion designing is influenced by variations in culture and social attitudes and varies over time and place. Fashion designers design clothes and accessories after considering various factors such as the target audience, their tastes, situations and venues they would be worn. The products need to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The Cosmetic Science Programme is a full year, three semester, laboratory based Programme that combines art, science and business elements used in the development of cosmetic and personal care products. Students study the basics of cosmetic science.
  • As the only B.Sc Cosmetic Science Programme in India, it focuses on product formulation and cosmetic production while having a hands on experience to create Cosmetic products.Students obtain an industry specific four month work term after completion of their second academic semester. It is delivered by a team of subject experts, the courses are designed to deliver subjects such as chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology, which give the scientific background. Formulation, through a comprehensive course in compounding, and process technology are also introduced.3 year full time study required.
  • As the best Fashion Design Schools and Programmes in Maharashtra, Sandip University brings you a magnificent world-class campus and infrastructure, a well-equipped library, latest laboratory, modern classrooms and learning from highly qualified, accomplished faculties specialised in diverse areas.
  • Sandip University Fashion Designing and Cosmetic Science course at Nashik, Maharashtra, in collaboration with Indian fashion academy brings innovative pedagogy with a course structure balanced between theoretical knowledge and its real-life application with ample practicals distributed throughout the syllabus.
  • You will work in collaboration with companies on practical projects relating to fashion design. Industry professionals and faculty project leaders from fashion and Cosmetic Science will be there to guide you through your programmes.
  • Provide educational programmes in fashion and Cosmetic Science to fulfill personal ambitions and entrepreneurship skill in the Fashion and Cosmetic Science professions and also to inculcate employability attributes for those seeking employment opportunities
  • Help to understand the importance of human relationships, trustworthiness, co-operation
  • Develop a sense of responsibility, reliability, self-control and discipline and foster a sense of professionalism in business practices.
Career Prospects:
  • Students of Fashion Design programme may launch their career as a fashion designer, art director, textile designer, product manager, trend researcher, or fashion editor
  • They could also seek a role in marketing, communication or distribution.
  • Working with fashion brands, design agencies, merchandising industries, apparel manufacturers, magazines are other opportunities. Qualified students may also choose to be self-employed.
  • Students interested in a specific area of fashion like shoes or accessories can pursue specialisations in Footwear Design, Jewelry Making, Accessory Design, Wedding Dress Design etc.
  • On completion of the cosmetic science program, graduates may find employment in the Research and development, Product development, Production Officer, Quality Control, Regulatory Officers , Perfumery Evaluator, Product Educator, Manufacturers and Distributors of cosmetic products and ingredients Aesthetician Beauty Consultant
  • Our specialisation M.Sc in Cosmetic Science(two years Full-time postgraduate program) enables and professionals/graduate students to learn the latest advances in their field and helps them to develop advanced skills that can lead to senior assignments/ mid level R&D managers/regulatory specialist in the cosmetic industry.

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