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Journey Of ‘ हस्त शिल्प’

Craft is a hand skilled creative art which involves creation integration of material for producing unique functional and decorating objects. Art and Craft is produced through human creative mind which works as a therapy through hands creation. It requires human excellence, passion, and love to bringforth the art. Craft can be subdivided into two groups – Handicrafts and Traditional Crafts. As thereare variety of crafts, therefore each craft varies in material, size, quality, etc. It had even disheartened the quality of people in their respective fields but for the past decades the scenario ofart and crafts has changed and people have got rid of their obsession with machine-made products.Presently handicrafts are being adopted as the vocational media and it also opts for the leisure pursuit. The demand for handmade product has given self-employment and many start-up domainsin design field. The main purpose to start craft certificate courses in the School of Design, Sandip University is to provide excellence in Crafts & Design, encouraging research and bringing new life to the languishing crafts of India.

Offered Craft Certificate Courses


Macramé & Knotting

Macramé & Knotting is a form of textile product developed by knotting cotton cords


Batik (Dyeing & Printing)

Batik is a lost wax dyeing process in which patterned areas are covered with wax so they will not receive the colour. The method is used mainly on cottons and in the traditional colours of blue, brown, and red.


Shibori (Tie & Dye)

Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique used on textiles to create patterns that spread unevenly across the fabric.


Block Printing

Block printing is the process of printing patterns by the meansof engraved wooden block


Surface Ornamentation

Surface ornamentation refers to the process of adorning a fabric's surface after it has been formed using a variety of techniques like tie-dye,block printing, batik, embroidery, etc.

StructureProgram Structure

Macramé & Knotting - Basics of Design Formation Macramé & Knotting (Studio)
Batik - Basics of Design Formation Batik (Dyeing & Printing) (Studio)
Shibori (Tie & Dye) - Basics of Design Formation Shibori (Tie & Dye) (Studio)
Block Printing - Basics of Design Formation Block Printing (Studio)
Surface Ornamentation - Basics of Design Formation Surface Ornamentation (Studio)

Fee Structure & Eligibility

DURATION - 6 Months
Eligibility 10+2, Open for all (Any individual can register for the course, from any department and outside the university)
Batch Size 10-15
Registration Fees 500
Tution Fees 3500
Examination Fees 2500
Total 6500