About Alumni Cell

About Sandip University Alumni Association Cell (SU-AAC)

Sandip University’s Alumni Cell has been created with the goal of creating a space where our alumni can stay connected with their alma-mater. The Cell also functions as the bridge between current students and the University’s alumni network.

Alumni of Sandip University are encouraged to register themselves through the “Alumni Registration” portal to help us maintain a robust roster of the brilliant minds that once graced Sandip University’s campus.


  • Our vision is to create a space where our alumni can remain connected with their alma-mater, and the alumni and the University can share a symbiotic relationship of progress and global achievements.


  • To foster positive relations between each alumnus and the University
  • To create a unique support system where the University can play an active role in the professional success of our alumni
  • To help our students benefit from the vast knowledge and experience amassed by our alumni through student mentorship programs
  • To assist our alumni in their professional goals with regards to employment and entrepreneurship

Networking Opportunities

  • Maintaining contact with alumni through virtual communication and social media
  • Regularly sharing newsletters with alumni to keep them connected with the University
  • Showcasing achievements made by an alumnus to encourage current students
  • Organising curricular seminars, webinars, cultural activities, and extracurricular activities
  • Organising alumni meets to enhance networking prospects among alumni