School of Pharmaceutical Science, Nashik


The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences provides the right environment and infrastructure to study pharmaceutical sciences in Nasik, Maharashtra. With a beautiful campus spread across 250+ Acers and a competent faculty, you have everything that is needed for a successful completion of the course at your disposal.
The curriculum at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a wide and diverse curriculum that prepares students for pharmaceutical production, research and development, and control sectors. We offer pharma courses such as D-Pharm, B-Pharm, M-pharm covering different aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology. In addition to this we also have with stimulating research environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Sandip University is one of the top leading universities in Maharashtra with modern amenities and latest equipment in compliance with the industry approved standards. Hence, you can be assured of a bright career in the field of pharmaceuticals once you graduate from the Sandip University.


The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to impart an all-around education to all its graduates. We offer:

Skill-based learning of pharmaceutical sciences, so the students are ready for the job market
Deeper insights into the human anatomy to inculcate an overall understanding of problems rather than a superficial knowledge
Preparation for the job market with our courses specifically tailored for the industry.

Career Prospects

Pharmaceutical sciences have become very popular recently with the rise in career prospects in the field. At Sandip University Nashik, we take extra care to prepare our students for the job market. We offer:
A quality education that covers all the aspects of Pharmaceuticals
A competitive environment where they learn from peers.
An opportunity to work in interesting government jobs like Medical Superintendent,, Food Analyst, Drug Inspector etc.
Our B.Pharma, M.Pharma, and D.Pharma courses enable students to work as a scientist in R&D and F&D, a quality control inspector or work in the pharma industries production department or even become professors.

Programs Offered

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