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School of Law is a constituent established under Sandip University is the most preferred destination for legal studies in the country which imparts quality legal education. Our goal is to create a set of socially responsible legal professionals who possess the skills that the industry and profession expects of them. Sandip University’s School of Law is one of the top law colleges in Maharashtra, as the curriculum of the School of Law has been designed by eminent academicians and professionals with extensive care to cater to the upcoming needs of the legal arena. School of Law is a leading institution in the region to offer a wide range of specialisations enabling students to realise their full potential.

School of Law combines theoretical knowledge with practical sessions in law through Moot Courtroom Sessions, Counselling Sessions, and Guest Lectures. School of Law offers five year integrated degrees in B.A.LL.B (Hons) and B.B.A. LL.B degree (Hons), three year LL.B (Hons) program. The University also offers a two year Master’s LL.M. program with specialisations in Constitutional Law & Administrative Law, Criminal Law and Corporate & Commercial Law.

It also first and only Ph.D and Research Centre available at Nasik in Legal avenue.

School of Law is established with the objective of developing a sense of righteousness, equality and fairness in students. Our main goal is to groom a set of socially committed legal professionals who stand for justice under all circumstances. The skills our students learn at our institute are bound to set them apart from the crowd. We provide our students with a unique academic learning ambience to turn into holistic individuals with the help of modern pedagogical tools of legal education. These factors make Sandip University’s School of Law one of the best law colleges in Maharashtra.

What are you waiting for? Come and join our family for an exiting academic experience.

Advantages of Studying Law

A law degree can open up avenues of work across different sectors. You can work as a prosecutor, work for a private law firm, or start an independent law practice of your own to work with diverse clients.


A legal career can be quite lucrative. Pursuing criminal law, corporate law or even constitutional law can lead to a multifaceted career graph for a bright future ahead. Top law firms in India are always looking for graduates from some of the best law colleges in Maharashtra.


Being a lawyer is a very respectable career. You will be able to garner the love and respect of your peers in society. You can also become a force for change in society by lending your voice to the oppressed and the ignorant. Your legal education could help better the Indian judiciary system in the long run.


You will also have the opportunity to become a judge in the future. You will have to appear for the Provincial Civil Service Judicial Examination (PCSJ). This will enable you to join the practising members of subordinate judiciary and further advance your career in law.

Message From The Dean

Dr. Sharvari V. Vaidya

Dr. Sharvari V. Vaidya
Dean (I/C),
School of Law Sandip University Nashik

Welcome to the Sandip family. Sandip University’s School of Law, located in Nashik, was established in 2016 under the auspices of Sandip University/Sandip Foundation. Since its inception, our goal has been to provide value-based legal education.

I am proud to announce that the School of Law is nurturing some of the brightest legal minds in the country, whose efforts are being widely recognized. Our focus extends beyond academic excellence to the overall personality development of our students. We aim to cultivate a profound understanding of the legal system while producing socially committed legal professionals.

We believe that theoretical and practical knowledge of law are complementary, not conflicting. Therefore, we emphasize clinical and research-based legal education. Regular activities include visits to police stations, central jails, cyber cells, courts, and tribunals. Additionally, we prioritize co-curricular and interactive sessions such as Moot Court debates, legal quiz competitions, and offer internship opportunities to help students network and hone their skills before entering the legal workforce.

The School of Law is dedicated to inspiring students through a series of guest lectures by eminent legal personalities on emerging legal topics. Students are encouraged to reach out to our faculty, current students, and alumni to learn from their experiences in the legal field. I assure you that our school will provide you with the best exposure and instill an excellent quality of legal education in this distinguished field.

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Dedicated Moot Court


Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies


Guest Lecture Series with Prominent Judges


Focused Student Development

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