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About B.B.A.LLB. (Hons)

Sandip University is one of the nation's leading legal research institutions providing quality legal education. The university's goal is to create a rank of socially responsible legal professionals with the skills the industry and profession expect. Sandip University is he one of the best law schools in Maharashtra. Law school curricula have been meticulously designed by respected academics and professionals to meet the upcoming demands of the legal field. Sandip University is one of the leading institutions in the region, offering a wide range of specialisations to help students reach their full potential.

If you are looking for a law school in Maharashtra that combines theoretical knowledge with practical law sessions through mock court sessions, counseling sessions and guest lectures, Sandip University is the place for you. Sandip University presents a 5-year integrated B.A.LL.B and B.B.A. LL.B degree, 5-year comprehensive B.A.LL.B (Hons) program, B.B.A.LL.B (Hons) program, 3-year LL.B (Hons) program. The university also offers a two-year Master's program LL.M. Programs focused on constitutional, criminal and commercial law

Sandip University established the Sandip School of Law with the aim of cultivating a sense of justice and fairness in its students. The main aim is to develop a socially committed legal profession that stands up for justice in all circumstances. The skills students learn at the Sandip School of Law set them apart from other students. We offer our students a unique academic learning environment through the latest teaching tools in legal education. These factors make Sandip University one of the best law schools in Maharashtra.

Career Opportunities in B.B.A.LLB. (Hons)


Business Consultant

The main task of these candidates is to advise business organisations on legal matters. Today's businesses need professionals who can study the market, identify potential opportunities and threats, propose solutions and develop strategies for business expansion.



Combining their knowledge of the law and current market trends, these professionals are able to transmit legal communications, research facts and evidence through consultation with clients, review documents, and advise clients within legal frameworks. advocate, settle and adjust litigation through negotiation, and compromise. .


Law Writer

A low writer's profession includes producing all kinds of writing materials for the legal industry. It is closely tied to the area of technical editing. This includes making laws, expressing rights and obligations, and other legal analysis.


Law Compliance Officer

A legal compliance officer or compliance manager's job includes ensuring that the organisation functions ethically and legally. It must also enable the organisation to achieve its business goals while adhering to these regulations.

StructureProgram Structure

General English-I Principles of Management
Principles of Accounting Law of Torts including M.V. Accident and Consumer
Protection Law-I Legal Methods
Business Ethics Computer Application*
Legal English Business Communication
Business Statistics Law of Torts including M.V. Accident and Consumer Protection Law-II
Law of Contract - I Business Strategy
Environmental Science*
Foreign Language-I Management Information System
Organizational Behavior Constitutional Law-I
Law of Contract-II Family Law-I
Foreign Language-II Economics-I
Human Resource Management Constitutional Law-II
Law of Crimes (IPC) Family Law-II
*Value Added Courses (Any One)
Use of ICT Tools in Law Research Methodology
Competitive/Judicial Examination Training
Economics-II Marketing Management
Civil Procedure Code-I Labour Law- I
Company Law Administrative Law
*Value Added Courses (Any One)
Introdcution to Statistics for Law Students Traning and Skills Development in Legal Drafting and Office Management
Understanding the International Criminal Court Training
International Business Entrepreneurship Development
Civil Procedure Code-II Labour Law- II
Principles of Taxation Laws Intellectual Property Rights
Open Elective I
Patent Filing Procedure in India Cyber Law
Legal Language and Legal Writing Law of Property
Environmental Law Jurisprudence
Criminal Procedure Code-I Public International Law
Open Elective II
Introduction to Constitutional Law Women and Law
Human Rights Law Criminal Procedure Code-II
Law of Evidence
Alternate Dispute Resolution System
Progamme Elective - I Progamme Elective - II
Open Elective I (Crime and Criminology)
International Criminal Law White Collar Crime
Open Elective I (Corporate and Commercial Law)
Goods and Services Tax Banking Law
Open Elective II (Crime and Criminology)
Prision Administration IT Offences
Open Elective II (Corporate and Commercial Law)
Information Technology Law Competition Law
Interpretation of Statutes Health Care Law
Drafting Pleading and Conveyancing Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System
Programme Elective – III Programme Elective – IV
Open Elective III (Crime and Criminology)
Forensic Science and Law Penology and Criminology
Open Elective III (Corporate and Commercial Law)
Transpotation Law Investment Law
Open Elective IV (Crime and Criminology)
Woman and Criminal Law Offences against Child and Juvenile
Open Elective IV (Corporate and Commercial Law)
Law of Carriage Financial Market and Regulations
Reasearch Projects and Internship Programme Elective – V
Programme Elective – VI
Open Elective V (Crime and Criminology)
Humanitarian Refugee Law Comparative Criminal Procedure
Open Elective V (Corporate and Commercial Law)
Insurance Law Bankrupcy and Incolvency
Open Elective VI (Crime and Criminology)
Juvenile Justice Law and Policy Financial and Systematic Fraud
Open Elective VI (Corporate and Commercial Law)
Law and Corporate Finance Corporate Governance