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Fashion Designer in India

How Can One Become a Fashion Designer?

Working in the fashion sector could result in a fulfilling career if you have a passion for design and apparel. You typically require a combination of higher secondary education, professional experience, and both technical and soft abilities to work in this business. You can determine if you want to pursue this career path by learning […]

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Scope of Accessories Design in India

Scope of Accessories Design in India and abroad

Conventionally, fashion was just limited to clothes and fabrics. Whatever career one could make in fashion was related to apparel design. However, in today’s world the face of the fashion industry has changed altogether and the fashion industry is equally giving importance to accessory design. People today have become more and more conscious of how […]

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Fashion Designing in Best Colleges in India

Why Study Fashion Designing in Best Colleges in India?

There are many advantages to pursuing a fashion designing course in some of the best colleges in India. The fashion industry is vast and there is always a demand for creative and skilled professionals to drive change within the industry. However, choosing the right college can be a real challenge. You need to first list […]

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Careers Opportunity in the Fashion and Beauty Industry

Top Career Opportunities in the Fashion & Beauty Industry

Fashion and beauty have been around for centuries. People belonging to different eras have always found ways to emphasise their physical attributes with fashionable clothes and cosmetics across different eras. Now, the fashion and beauty industry has grown exponentially over the last few decades. This growth has created a number of excellent career opportunities in […]

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5 Best Career Options after B.Sc Fashion Designing

  Fashion designing is one of the most happening creative career options out there. While the world of fashion can seem quite glamorous and glitzy, there is a lot of hard work involved in becoming a successful fashion designer. You have to be prepared for intense training in various aspects of fashion designing for a […]

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