The unique feature and characteristic of the Sandip University curriculum are:
  • Choice based credit system
  • Outcome based education
  • Vocational based under-graduate and Post-graduate education
  • Introduction of Minor and majors [for multiple exist]
  • Student centric and employability focused education

Sandip University will function as multi-domain university. The phase-wise development of the University will cater to the domains of:
  • Arts
  • Humanities
  • Sciences (including Biotechnologies, Nano Sciences & Technologies)
  • Professional Disciplines (such as Engineering, Technology, Management)
  • Law
  • Business & Commerce
  • Applied & Creative Arts
  • Vocational Education
  • Media, Information & Communication Technology & Education per se and their inter-disciplinary studies & development.

In order to maximize the benefits of the programs offered by the university, the community as well as many stakeholders in country and abroad proposed to establish a system-wide initiative. As a precursor to this proposal there was a need to begin a system-wide collaboration with representatives from the universities of the developed countries to form a Consortium. As a consequence of participating in Consortium dialogue and promising activities, a climate of cooperation will be established among the campuses and programs throughout the University system.

Sandip University will facilitate education, training and research opportunities in the campuses, thereby creating a truly international system of support for the State’s largest industry and the community that it serves. Bringing the programs together also provides the University with an opportunity to provide an integrated suite of academic and professional development and consultancy opportunities.

One of the important dimensions of Sandip University system will be its ability to offer students, researchers and those interested to capitalize on the diversity and complexity of the country by facilitating exchanges as well as offering degree and continuing education in various locations. This can be accomplished by students working and learning at a wide range of facilities and venues.

Career paths are designed using traditional instruction, distance learning and internships from executive level degrees to hands-on technical training. The Institute will help facilitate a process of articulation and transfer ability between different parts of the system. Sandip University’s vast resources is rationalized in order to not only meet the workforce needs of the State but also to ensure a sustainable and responsible form of market that considers cultural, social, environmental and economic dimensions. With all of the representatives within the system working together Sandip University will be able to contribute more efficiently to successful sustainable and responsible education organization, provide opportunities for rural development in the state and encourage the export of the considerable skills and knowledge that exists within the campuses of the system. Within a climate of resource constraints the University would also allow for the best use of human, technological and knowledge management resources.

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