Dean's Message


Prof (Dr) Manoj P Chavan
Dean, School of Vocational studies (SOVS),
Sandip University Nashik

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Sandip University Nashik (SUN). University’s vision is to transform individuals through quality education that is research-informed and industry-engaged. This vision is underpinned by a commitment to ethical approaches in everything we do meaning that every student will be respected; nurtured and supported to help them achieve their best. The university’s programs are delivered Bachelor of Vocation (B Voc) under National Skill Qualification Programme of University Grants Commission, New Delhi, the new-generation BVoc Courses based on the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) are offered to address the critical knowledge and skill-sets required to make the candidate “industry ready” and also shape “young-entrepreneurs” in the relevant sectors.

The Skill-Development component will provide students with appropriate domain-based skill, knowledge, practice and professional attitude, so as to become work ready. The General Component which is about 40% of the total curriculum gives adequate emphasis to current affairs, languages and communication skills.

The new generation B.Voc Courses which are based on contemporary curricula, therefore, provide a new direction and thrust to skill development in the various sectors which operate in a globally competitive environment.

The initiative is a significant one as it goes a long way in promoting skill-based competency modules where a student can undergo skill-based learning and have both lateral and vertical mobility. Such an arrangement would encourage employability, and also flexibility to pursue formal education and take up appropriate jobs at the end of different levels of certification. The programme offers multiple exit options, wherein after the first year, the candidate can exit with a Diploma in a specific skill area After two years, the candidate can exit with Advanced Diploma in the skill. After earning the BVoc degree, he/she has two options viz. (a) to start a micro level enterprise or (b) move to a master’s course followed by research in the specific skill area.

For the last years, the SUN has emerged as the largest Industrial training provider in the country. Sandip University Nashik has started BVoc programmes in different sectors from the session 2020-21. These programmes will ensure that the students graduating in these trades possess adequate knowledge and skills. The University has already acquired state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of training equipment, human resources, industry partners and quality education framework. With multi point entry/exit and progressive education system, the curriculum designed by the university supports the development of individuals in realising their potential and needs.

Sandip University is now well placed to capitalise on its formative years, and I invite all our industries /stakeholders /students/parents to support in our endeavours. On my part as Dean of School of vocational studies (SOVS), I will strive to the best of my abilities to place the Sandip University amongst the leading providers of skill-based Education in the country in particular and the whole world at large.