Student Development

Career Development Cell

Sandip University creates a wholesome educational and holistic environment to promote student development. Students are trained to become valuable professional members of various industries once they complete their educational journey with us.

Overview Career Development Cell

The Career Development Cell at Sandip University aims to train students with essential skills such as soft skills, language proficiency, communication abilities, life skills, and awareness of technological advancements. This comprehensive training ensures that students are well-prepared for placements in reputed organizations.

Additionally, the CDC strives to inspire students for various competitive exams, nurturing their aptitude and analytical skills to confidently tackle such assessments. The CDC is committed to supporting students throughout their journey from campus placements to industrial training. Starting from their first year, students receive training in communication, interpersonal skills, leadership, group discussions, and interview techniques. Furthermore, the CDC provides necessary infrastructure for conducting group discussions, tests, and interviews.

Placements are integral to our academic framework, and the CDC adopts a systematic approach to fulfill the career aspirations of our students.

Student Development

  • Field Trips
  • Workshops
  • Industry Visits
  • Guest Lectures
  • Student Clubs
  • Hands-on Skill and Training
  • Compulsory Internships

Preparing Students for “Super Dream” Careers

Students at Sandip University are offered unique opportunities to train above the rest and aim for a “Super Dream” career.


Prepare students for placement opportunities at :

  • Super Dream Companies (Minimum Annual Package INR 40 Lakhs)
  • Dream Companies (Minimum Annual Package INR 10 Lakhs)
  • Blue Chip Companies (Minimum Annual Package INR 3-4 Lakhs)

Plan of Action

  • Value-Addition & Global Certification Programs
  • Overall Student Development
  • Enhanced Skill-Driven Programs

Value-Addition & Global Certification Programs

Sandip University offers globally recognised certification programs to add value to each student’s resume at no additional cost to students. We have forged partnerships with industry leaders and knowledge partners to help students receive additional skills and industry-relevant training.

Here is how the programs will be conducted:

First Year Students across all branches

  • Languages (Basics of English)
  • Soft Skill (Communication Skill)
  • Pseudo Code, C/C++
  • Aptitude
  • Java/Python + Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Domain Specific VAP or Certification
  • Company Specific Aptitude Training

Second Year Students across all branches

  • Pseudo Code & C / Basics of Programming
  • Aptitude & Soft Skill
  • Java / Python + Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Domain Specific VAP or Certification
  • Company Specific Aptitude Training

Third Year Students

Students will be tested at the start of the Third Year to classify into “Regular” or “Advanced” Learners, based on their skills.

Regular Learners will learn

  • Soft skills & Aptitude Enhancement
  • Value-Added Programs based on Branch of Study

Advanced Learners will learn

  • Advanced Technology Training
  • Branch-Specific Training
  • Zensar Employability Skills & Development Program
  • Infosys SpringBoard Portal
  • IBM Skill Building Program
  • Company-Specific Training for Advanced Placements

Students will also be eligible for

  • Industry Event Participation
  • Branch-Specific Technical Events Participation
  • Competitive Coding Activities


Sandip University’s unique industry-synced course curriculum has inculcated compulsory internships as a part of their curriculum. Students are expected to gain industry-relevant knowledge and skills through a semester dedicated towards a compulsory internship. The goal is to help students gain first-hand knowledge and experience required to make a mark in the industry.

Sandip University also offers students the opportunity to apply for international internships. These internships have the potential of transforming into lucrative job offers, depending on student performance. Summer internship programs are developed to help students gain additional skills and experience before they seek a full-time job in the industry.