Top 7 UI UX Trends to Dominate 2021: Designing the Future

Top 7 UI UX Trends will be Dominating in 2021

With each passing year a bunch of new UI UX trends emerge in the market. However, there has been a massive shift in these trends over the last year with some unprecedented circumstances on a global level. The COVID-19 pandemic shook the very foundations of businesses from different industries, forcing them to adapt to changing times at a much faster pace. More and more businesses realised the importance of building their businesses’ online presence as the world retreated indoors. This situation has brought about a massive change in UI UX trends as well.

Top 7 UI UX Trends will be Dominating in 2021:

1. Password-less Login Will Become a Norm

Studies show that users forget their passwords over ten times every year. Most portals require users to use special characters, numbers, and a unique combination of letters, which makes it humanly near impossible to win this memory game. Hence, password-less login processes will gain traction as more devices will have face or voice recognising AI built-into their system to ensure that users do not have to remember complicated passwords for multiple portals.

2. Minimalism Will Gain Traction

The world is growing smaller and our attention spans are fast shrinking. The human tendency to assimilate and process information is drastically reducing by the day, and to combat this issue, minimalism is going to become a norm. Digital burnout is another reason users prefer using portals that employ minimum design and content. Simple UX designs which keep information and design to the minimum will become preferred this year

3. Unique 2D Illustrations Will Make a Come-Back

2D designs and illustrations have been around for a long time. However, with the advent of 3D and beyond, these simplistic illustrations have taken the backseat. So if you are a fan of classic and unique 2D animations and illustrations, you have reason to rejoice as more and more businesses are employing talented artists to design unique 2D illustrations for UX and UI designs that communicate their brand image to customers online.

4. Voice User Interface Will Play An Important Role

Virtual assistants, chatbots activated via voice have become very popular over the last few years. Today, you can play your favourite TV show on Netflix by activating voice recognition. More and more brands are angling towards using voice assistants and taking this technology to the next level to target customers with better accuracy.

5. The Hamburger Menu Will Be a Thing of the Past

A hamburger menu is a set of three parallel lines which is generally located at the top left corner of the screen and holds important information regarding the business, its products, and policies. Even though this has been an extremely popular UX/UI trend over the years, recent studies show that this trend is on its way out. Since most users are right-handed, it is almost impossible for them to stretch their thumb to the top left corner of the screen, thus reducing click rates, making the hamburger menu a terrible UX design flaw. 2021 will most likely mark the end of this ever-famous UX/UI trend.

6. Focus on Mobile Devices Will Further Increase

As our world grows smaller, more and more people are either ditching or limiting the use of larger electronics such as laptops and tabs, and conducting most of their activities, business or personal, over the phone. Hence, most top UX design colleges in India are designing Bachelor of Design in User Experience courses which focus on creating designs which follow a “Mobile-First” approach. Students are taught how to design engaging and user-friendly designs that can be primarily viewed on a mobile device.

7. Motion Sensor/Air Gesture Tech Will Make Waves

This is the next phase on our touchscreen devices. Mobile interfaces will now include motion or air gesture sensors which will enable us to give our phone commands by waving or making swiping motions in the air above the phone’s screen without touching the screen. Professionals holding a Master in UX Design degree are generally hired to facilitate such extraordinary and complex UX designs. Their experience and advanced qualifications make them ideal candidates for such projects.


UX/UI design is one of the fastest growing industries today with thousands of well-paying job opportunities across India and the globe. 2021 will see the rise of minimal, simple, and more user-friendly UX designs which will be based on predicted user behaviour.

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