10 Best Job Opportunities after an MBA in Banking, Financial Service & Insurance

MBA Banking, Finance, Insurance


An MBA in Banking, Financial Service & Insurance (BFSI) can lead to a thrilling career in the BFSI industry. There are numerous job opportunities that are available to fresh MBA graduates in this industry, depending on their skills and excellence.

Here is a list of 10 best job opportunities that are open to an MBA graduate with specialisation in BFSI:

  1. Accounting Manager

An accounting manager oversees the everyday operations of the accounting department of a firm. They also monitor incoming data that is later analysed to create and maintain financial reports or accounting statements. An accounting manager also enforces accurate accounting methods, introduces policies, and upholds accounting principles.

  1. Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of an organisation is responsible for all the finance related activities like planning, implementing, and managing day-to-day financial operations of the organisation. They are also involved in the business planning, budgeting, financial forecasting, and managing negotiations based on the organisation’s finances.

  1. Cash Manager

A cash manager is responsible for managing and overseeing a company’s daily, weekly, and monthly cash inflow and outflow. It is their responsibility to reduce the amount of cash that flows into the company in the form of “collectables”. They also have to follow regulations and industry guidelines while maximising the time taken to pay for received goods.

  1. Investment Banking Associate

An investment banking associate is involved in the client-servicing aspect of the BFSI industry. They are tasked with making marketing collaterals, organising and presenting financial information, undertaking valuation analysis, creating and executing transactions with clients.

  1. Credit Manager & Specialist

The main core function that a credit manager and specialist is supposed to perform is to manage and be responsible for the credit granting process, applying credit policies, reviewing the company’s customers’ credit at regular intervals, and assessing whether a potential customer is credit-worthy or not. The main goal of a credit manager and specialist is to maximising company profits while minimising losses and bad debts.

  1. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is tasked with analysis of results, checking on variances, recognising trends, and through these actions they are expected to advice the management on the steps they should take to propel the company ahead. They also have to analyse and study the data presented to them, organise a comparative study of the data received, and propose changes in the financial plans of the company.

  1. Finance Officer and Treasurer

The financial officer and treasurer is expected to report to the Chief Financial Officer besides being accountable for developing and supervising financial strategies, financial operations, and policies regarding the company’s treasury. They are also accountable for the company’s management of cash, foreign exchange, outgoing payments, and borrowing of funds for the company’s operations and investments.

  1. Insurance and Risk Manager

An insurance and risk manager is expected to draw insurance budgets, pay invoices, and responsibly manage ongoing claims. They are also tasked with studying insurance claims in great detail and factor in the features that can affect the outcome of the claim.

  1. Investment Banker

An investment banker is responsible for advising clients and helping them invest in capital markets that would help them gain lucrative returns. Investment bankers usually issue debt or sell equity in companies, as per the client’s requirements. They are also expected to assist their clients deal with mergers and acquisitions, while advising them on varied investment opportunities like derivatives.

  1. Investing Sales Trader and Associate

Investment sales traders and associates are hired by the Sales and Trading department of an investment bank. They are tasked with researching commodities that they can then buy or sell in the open market. They are responsible for driving up the investment bank’s profits and also ensuring that their clients make sound investments that give them great returns.

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