5 Things Students From Best Engineering Colleges Do


In India, engineering has always been one of the most coveted degrees over time. Holding an engineering degree, be it a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, is often seen as a status symbol. However, the rise in the number of students has created an imbalance in the demand and supply of engineers in the industry. Even then, each year thousands of students from best engineering colleges find the kind of jobs they seek. What is it that makes them a cut above the rest and gain a better chance of catching an employer’s eye?
Here are 5 things students from best engineering colleges do to attain an edge above others:

  1. Create an Impactful Portfolio

    Engineering is a very hands-on field and you will have ample opportunity to participate in projects to improve your skills. Smart students from top engineering colleges keep a diligent track of all their projects and achievements through project like patents, paper publication, and participation in competitions and add these achievements to their portfolio. Maintaining a systematic and diverse portfolio definitely goes a long way in catching the eye of prospective employers. This is a very important tip that you can implement when pursuing engineering. Remember, your portfolio must compliment the theoretical knowledge you attain through your classes.

  2. Hone Communication and Technical Skills

    As an engineer in the field, you must have great communication skills so that you can converse effectively with your team members. A vast number of engineering students suffer from a lack of proper communication skills, which hampers their chances of finding the job they deserve. However, engineering students from sought after colleges know this and pay a great deal of importance to constantly improve their communication skills. Some students go the extra mile and join student clubs in their college that focus on communication and public speaking. To cope up with cutting edge technology, smart engineering students undergo specific value added programs which helps them update their technical skill set and get industry-ready. Most employers look out for people who have exceptional communication and technical skills as they believe that their employees must stand out in the industry.

  3. Seek Leadership Roles

    While pursuing a degree in engineering a lot of students find it difficult to work in groups, even though practical applications are a huge part of being an engineer. Premium engineering colleges design their curriculum in such a way that there are a lot many opportunities for students to garner practical knowledge. In such circumstances, proactive students take initiative and seek leadership roles like team leader by participating in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Intelligent students view these opportunities to develop leadership skills which also add to their self-confidence. Employers are always on the outlook for confident people who are willing to take the lead, rather than be mere followers.

  4. Talk to Real-life Engineers

    College life can be a far cry from the real world. Smart students understand this and so make it a point to keep in constant touch with the current realities of their chosen profession. They make it their goal to step out of that bubble and seek advice from people in the real world. Students from reputed engineering colleges understand the practicality of the industry and are constantly seeking advice from those who are currently working in the industry as engineers. Gaining a real-life perspective from someone who has some experience in the industry can go a long way in helping you make the right career choices.

  5. Gain Work Experience

    Sharp engineering students know that acquiring some level of work experience is the best thing they can do to boost their resume. Work experience in engineering is especially crucial because engineering is a hands-on job. A lot of employers would appreciate knowing that you already have some experience and so it would take them lesser time to train you completely. Always be on the lookout for part-time jobs or summer internships. No amount of experience is too little when you are a fresher in the industry. Look out for internships that offer industrial visits as these programs will help you better understand current industrial requirements.

    The most important thing exceptional students do is to ultimately be individualistic and have a growth mentality that motivates them to stay at the top of their field. They focus on cultivating a personality, professional and otherwise, to attract more opportunities. Employers are always on the lookout for people with dynamic personalities that stand out of the crowd.

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