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7 Best Profiles as a B.Tech Computer Science Engineer

Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering is a four years degree. It gives theoretical and practical knowledge about hardware, software, programming languages, design of programmes, etc.

After pursuing the course, you are qualified enough to identify various bugs in different computer programmes, develop software applications, deploy software, and so on.
Mostly, colleges offer B.Tech in Computer Science. However, colleges can name the program as B.Tech Computer Science Engineering or BE Computer Science Engineering as per their preferences.

Here are the 7 best job profiles open to you after your complete B.Tech Computer Science Engineering:

Roles of a Computer Science Engineer

Application Developer
App developers conduct close interactions with clients to understand their needs. After that they draft, test, and develop innovative mobile applications. They use programming languages, Android, IOs, UI, UX, and so on to complete their tasks as per the requirements of the clients.

Software Developer
A software developer is another excellent job opportunity open to you after you obtain this degree. A qualified software developer possesses the skill to quickly acquire knowledge, have a clear view of fundamentals, and update themself about the latest technologies. They must know programming languages like Swift, JQUERY, PHP, Javascript, C#, etc. A software developer also makes the webpage of any business ready and presentable to the common man.

Data Administrator
In this day and age, no business can ever think of moving forward without collecting and analysing data properly. A data administrator looks after the authentication and authorisation of accessing a database, troubleshooting, schema creation, table creation, and deletion. They must have technical as well as interpersonal skills.

Network Engineer
A network engineer needs to possess the ability to find the bug and fix them, analyse and solve security issues, and good communication skills. They must know about DNS, IoT, programming languages, and such skills. Their job is to provide easy methods of networking by installing networking equipment such as routers, DHCP, proxy servers, and many more.

Information Security Specialist
Information Security Specialists need to know programming languages, networking basics, operating systems like Unix, Linux, etc. They have to look after the security issues of networking information and decide the penalty in case of discrepancies.

Data Analyst
A data analyst should be well-educated with programming languages like Python, R, Excel, and so on. Prerequisites are the ability to collect, process, and spread data widely. A data analyst transforms data into information which further helps decision-makers reach their ultimate decision.

Software Testing Engineer
A Software Testing Engineer minutely tests whether the design and functions of a software comply with the demands of the client or not.

Sandip University can make you eligible for applying to any of these posts through our industry-oriented B.Tech Computer Science Engineering course.