Career Opportunities after M.Tech Defense Technology

M.Tech Defense Technology

India as a Military Super Power

It is only in the last decade that India has emerged as a military superpower. In May 2021, the Stockholm International Research Organization published data showing that India accounted for 32% of global military spending, compared to 39% for the United States and 13% for China, making India the third largest global spender on military hardware. Likewise, in terms of military expenses, the US’s expense was $778 billion, China’s was $252 billion, and India’s expense was $72.9 billion. In the year 2012, India’s expenditure on military expenses was 2.15 percent of GDP. India does not have the right to choose its neighbours. China to the north and also Pakistan. India is always on the war front. DRDO (Defense Research & Development Organization) is the research and development organisation of the government of India that emphasises self-reliance in defense and military equipment for war-like situations.

Introduction to the Program

In line with our Prime Minister’s call for Atmanirbhar Bharat, which is a self-reliant Bharat, the DRDO, along with AICTE, has introduced a programme known as MSc. In Defense Technology The programs’ motive is to train future scientists in defense and military technology, in order to fulfil the motive of the “make in” campaign and make the country “self-reliant.” This course is especially introduced for this purpose. Students who complete this course will be able to work for multinational corporations such as General Motors, Thales, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Boeing, ELBIT-ELOP, Lockheed Martin, and BAE, to name a few. In short, it can be stated that this course was introduced to train young minds to work in an elite defense system that works for nation-building. After passing the M.Tech in Defense Technology, the students can work in the following job roles:

Aerospace Engineers

This role involves designing missiles, aircraft, and rockets. They also build proto-types and test these machines. They primarily have the responsibility of building planes, while the people who build other parts of the aircraft are referred to as aeronautical engineers, and they build space vehicles. The eligibility for an M.Tech in Defense Technology is a B.Tech in this particular field. After a bachelor’s degree, students have an opportunity to take admission tests for this degree through their bachelor’s degree.

Technicians in Aerospace Engineering Operations

Working as a technician in aircraft avionics or in computer networking is a good start to a career as an aerospace engineering technician. Military veterans have a positive advantage because of their security clearance status and safety training while dealing with hazardous chemicals. With this career, one can work in the aerospace industry. In this role, these technicians are supposed to assist the superiors. Their work involves maintaining the testing equipment and helping to perform tests and diagnoses on the parts. The technicians are responsible for running the simulations on the early design planning. These plans are designed on the computers by the technicians.

Analysts of Information Security

This role acts as a cyber-warrior of the computer world. In this role, the analysts have to design and test the systems to ensure that they are safe from any attacks. In the military world, a lot of important and confidential data is stored, and therefore, safety is of utmost importance. They also perform penetration testing, which is designing war games against their own systems. They also develop and design safety software that helps to detect any potential threats and deal with physical systems as well. The best engineering colleges in Nashik possess the infrastructure to train and prepare students for this role.

Computer Hardware Engineers

This role has the primary responsibility of designing, developing, and testing the hardware of the computer. They have to have some special skills in order to design this hardware. Their main focus is on designing and testing the systems, specific parts, and materials and testing how these parts perform under conditions of vibration, heat, cold, etc., and if they can withstand these conditions, they are expected to design and develop such parts which can withstand the battlefield conditions. This is a challenging job as they have to design the parts that can work under certain conditions. Candidates with experience in computer technology and research find this type of role very enriching and meaningful for their careers. Since military technology relies on sensors and computer technology that can withstand extreme conditions, special training is required to prepare candidates for such types of roles.

Electro-Mechanical Technicians

This job role mainly involves technicians working on unmanned vehicles such as drones, automated equipment, and robotics. Thermal sensors, electrical motors, and mechanical devices that work on electricity are also handled by them. These are all highly required in the military and defense industry and, therefore, it is of utmost importance to build such types of parts and systems. They work with the engineers to test and develop these systems. Students who already have some experience of diagnosing  and repairing electro-mechanical systems can easily get job opportunities in this sector as opposed to any fresher candidate that has to be trained in this complex job.

In conclusion, we can say that today’s students have a fantastic opportunity to do something for our country by joining this branch of engineering. Even though this is a new branch of engineering, many government as well as private colleges have developed infrastructural facilities in the form of advanced curriculum, specialised faculty, labs, and equipment for this particular course. Also, the detail of admission process for M.Tech in Defense Technology is given on the websites of the colleges offering this course. This is a very niche and specialised branch of study, and as we saw above, it has various job roles in which the students can work. Once the students join this course, they are trained on these particular skills and land good jobs, both in private and public companies, after their course. This branch is definitely different from the common branches of engineering but is worth trying for. So what are you waiting for? Come join this course today. Good Luck!

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