Session On Self Defense Training (Karate)

Session On Self Defense Training (Karate)

Session On Self Defense Training (Karate)

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Event Title: Session on Self Defense Training (Karate)

Event Conduction Duration: 9.30 AM to 10:30 AM

Event Date: 18th July 2019(F.Y) & 20th July 2019(D.S.Y)

Event Venue: ‘Y’ Building, Sandip University, Nashik

Department/ School Name: Sandip University, Nashik Campus.

Name of Resource Person:

Dr. Paresh Rege, Physical Director, Sandip Foundation’s SIEM

Mr. Ritik V. Gadhave, B.Tech, T.Y Mechanical Engg. SOET(+91-9423038917)

Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:

Prof. Arif Mansuri (9545453203)

Prof. Ashoo Gupta Khan (9545453268)

Prof. Neetu Sharma (8830094157)

Objective of Program

The main objective of Self Defense session was to learn the demonstrate various defensive techniques which can be used to defend themselves in an odd situation. This workshop was mainly focused on karate techniques to protect themselves from the violence which is happening now a day in society. It gives body flexibility at the same time it also helps to maintain proper body posture, increases power and also increases confidence.

Outline of Program

SUN Self Defense Club member Mr Ritik V. Gadhave, a B.Tech, T.Y Mechanical Engg. The student in SOET, SUN conducted a session on Self Defense( Karate). The students were informed about the importance of one’s life to maintain a good physique and also to ensure self-protection in odd situations.

Output of Program

The students started the session with warm up followed by power exercise & stretching. After that students learnt the basics of kicks, punches & blocks.

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Date And Time

2019-07-18 @ 09:30 AM to
2019-07-20 @ 10:30 AM

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