Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

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Session by: Prof. Yogesh Gandevikar

Date: 28 August 2023

Topic: Sustainability: A Mindful Turn Towards Changing The Dynamics Of Design.

In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, the concept of sustainability has gained significance across various industries. Recently, we, School of Design, Sandip University had the privilege of conducting an Eminent Guest Lecture on Sustainable Design. 

The lecture, delivered by Prof. Yogesh Gandevikar, delved into the core principles and practices that underpin this innovative approach to creativity. It extends far beyond the use of eco-friendly materials; it encompasses a holistic approach that considers the entire lifecycle of a product or project. From the initial concept and material sourcing to production, distribution, and eventual disposal, each phase presents opportunities to minimize environmental impact.

The lecture concluded by highlighting the challenges that sustainable designers face, including striking a balance between aesthetics and eco-friendliness, navigating regulatory frameworks, and overcoming resistance to change. However, it was made clear that these challenges also present opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovation.

One of the key takeaways from the lecture was the multifaceted nature of sustainable design. The lecture concluded by highlighting the challenges that sustainable designers might face, navigating regulatory frameworks, and overcoming resistance to change.  As it reflects on the insights gained from this enlightening session, it is evident that Sustainable Design is not merely a trend, but it is a mindset that has the power to reshape industries. Perhaps one of the most thought-provoking aspects of the lecture was the discussion around the role of the designer as a change agent. By making sustainability not just a feature but a driving force behind their designs, designers can contribute significantly to a more responsible consumer culture. The lessons learned from this lecture will undoubtedly influence the future of all the listeners, prompting them to explore new avenues that fuse creativity with environmental responsibility.

This lecture surely helped students gain a new and different perspective to look at the betterment of our home planet.

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