Fashion Designing & Cosmetic Science | Career Options, Scope, Job Opportunities

Science - Career Options, Scope, Job Opportunities

Fashion designing and cosmetic sciences are excellent industries to make a career in. There has been a spike in awareness regarding fashion and beauty trends, creating a boom in demand for qualified professionals in the industry. There are many undergraduate and postgraduate cosmetic science courses in Nashik that you can pursue to make a thriving career in the industry. The global fashion industry is also growing exponentially, and the need for dynamic professionals remains imminent.

Here are the top career options, scope, and job opportunities in fashion designing:

  1. Fashion Designer

A fashion designer is tasked with conducting research on current fashion trends to understand customer likes and also predict future trends based on customer tastes. Fashion designers are hired by leading fashion brands to create innovative and attractive outfits, jewellery, shoes, bags and more based on their target customer base. You can pursue UG and PG programs in fashion designing from top fashion designing colleges in Maharashtra to gain the right skills and industry exposure for a successful career.

  1. Retail Manager

Retail managers are responsible for managing day-to-day activities within a retail store. Their main job responsibilities include running brand-specific promotions, guiding staff members to obtain daily targets, and also look after customer satisfaction. Improved sales and customer retention are their main goals. Retail managers are employed by fashion houses, and other departmental stores based on the area of their expertise. They mainly report to an area manager.

  1. Textile Designer

Textile designers are tasked with creating designs that can be printed repeatedly on textile fabrics or products. They can be recruited by companies within the textile industry, mainly brands related to fashion and home decor. Many textile designers work on a freelance basis, working with a wide variety of clients. Their main task is to understand the client or brand’s needs and formulate sample designs accordingly. They need to be aware of the latest trends in the industry, and being knowledgeable in CAD programs is an added bonus. Top fashion designing colleges in Nashik help students train using CAD programs.

  1. Personal Stylist

A personal stylist is hired by celebrities and personalities that need to project a pleasing personality and style to maintain good public relations. Personal stylists usually work with a particular client and help them pick out clothes, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle based on their personality and preferences. Many PR firms hire personal stylists to help celebrities maintain a positive and pleasing public image by choosing the right clothes and accessories.


Here are the top career options, scope, and career opportunities in cosmetic science:

  1. Product Developer

A product developer in the cosmetic industry is responsible for developing products for brands based on the market research and customer demands. They are the bridge between the chemists who formulate the products and the marketing team that markets the product. They are responsible for overseeing the formulation of marketable products that can help the brand attract more customers and revenue.

  1. Process Developer

Process developers are responsible for replicating a product developed in a lab to large scale production. They are hired by brands that manufacture products on a large scale. Process developers are tasked with overseeing the manufacturing process of cosmetic brands. They need to possess excellent problem solving skills and have to be innovative in formulating products for mass use.

  1. Research Scientist

Research scientists are the brain behind a well-formulated product. Cosmetic brands hire research scientists to formulate innovative and cutting-edge products that will help them widen their customer base and retain existing customers. Research scientists are constantly working on newer formulas that can help brands launch better and more effective products in the market to gain maximum profits. The best university for cosmetic science will have a well-equipped lab to help students gain hands-on industry-oriented skills and training.

  1. Quality Control Officer

As the name suggests, a quality control officer is tasked with overseeing the quality of the product when manufactured, the quality of ingredients being used to make the product, and to ensure that the product is manufactured in adherence to the laws and rules of the country it is manufactured and sold in. Cosmetic brands hire quality control officers to make sure that their products are safe to use in order to avoid any customer backlash that could damage their brand image.


A career in fashion designing or cosmetic science can be highly exciting as they are both extremely competitive and creative fields. You can become a certified cosmetic scientist by pursuing M.Sc Cosmetic Science in Nashik. It is always best to pursue a degree program from a reputed college or university to ensure a thriving career in these fields.

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