How Placements At Sandip University Help Students In their Career Ahead?

good Placements are important for Career Growth

Choosing the right college to fulfil your future career dreams is one of the most important decisions young people have to make. Students can get good placements once they have decided on a good degree option. Is it a good university? What is your academic ranking? Is your university’s infrastructure well developed?

Whether they offer promising internship positions, etc. are among the few questions you should ask before starting your search for the right college/university. Of all the questions, the most important question concerns the quality of placements that  the students could get. Not only students, but also their families worry about the outcome, confused and desperate to find the right college for their children. All students go through the same struggle of choosing a college that promises good placement opportunities upon graduation. Every student wants to get a job immediately after graduation. With this factor in mind, it is of utmost importance that the university you choose has a dedicated placement cell that ensures that excellent companies visit the university to offer employment opportunities.

Considering Sandip University ,the placement cell has a strong reputation in the industry, ensuring the highest quality companies visit the university and interview students. Guest lectures where qualified and experienced individuals from the industry can speak to students and discuss future prospects.

In the current scenario, intense competition in the labour market makes placement cells even more important. There are many opportunities in the industry and it can be difficult for newcomers to find the best fit for them, whether it is a start-up or an established company. Providing the necessary training and details to help students take the right steps towards their professional life. The main goal of all colleges is to offer promising internships and placements for the students. Sandip University is the UGC approved private university in Maharashtra, which gives career opportunities to students through 100% placement assistance.

Why good Placements are important for Career Growth

Placement have become a number one necessity in today’s money-oriented world. Both students and their parents expect good placement opportunities at the institution of their choice. Universities now offer job opportunities to nearly all students by conducting training programs to improve the skills of students attending job interviews. Programs like this are designed to help students in a variety of ways.. Sandip University is the top engineering university in Maharashtra, which gives handsome placements to the students, which helps them to create the following skills:

1. Creates an Exposure

From school, students are brought up in such a way that they are trained only to pass exams. Once outside, you are faced with the real world for the first time and are asked to work in it. In training courses, students learn practical interactions with the outside world through internships.The internship opportunities that are given to the students help them with real world exposure and help them know how their life would be after joining a job. The internship opportunities therefore gives a  wide exposure to the students in terms of skill sets and learning. This exposure would help in their job later in life.

2. Skill Development

Students must possess certain skills such as aptitude, presentation, etc. in order to attend and succeed in the interview. Conducted by KIT’s Internship Office, the internship-training program focuses on providing students with basic work and application skills to increase their chances of being selected for a job interview. Sandip University does not only provide placements but also helps in skill development of the students. Such skills are inculcated in the students which would help them to crack interviews and get a good job.

3. Building the Confidence

The most important factor in going to an interview is going the distance with confidence. Many students miss opportunities because they lack confidence. Training programs are designed to reduce student fear and anxiety and boost morale. Once you have the confidence you need, you are ready to go. Sandip University, which is the best private university for helps develop confidence amongst you. It has started various initiatives which helps develop the confidence amongst the students. The workshops, conferences and extracurricular activities that the University arranges helps to develop this confidence amongst the students.

4. Helps Speak with Power

Younger generations tend to avoid speaking on stage, and a common term associated with this preference is “stage fright.” With proper college education, fear is removed and students begin to understand that there is joy in communicating their feelings to an audience. This practice will help students face the interviewer with confidence. Certain speaking workshops and activities also help with improving the communication skills in the students.These significantly help in building the confidence levels in speaking and helps to gain power for speaking.

Campus to Corporate Program of Sandip University

Sandip University’s unique campus-to-enterprise program is designed to help students transition seamlessly from the university campus to the corporate environment. The underlying goal is to prepare students to progress from undergraduate to dynamic professional. Students will learn the difference between campus and company life through:

Soft skills Training Program

Activities that develop personality

Bespoke training program

Mock Interview

Help with Resume Writing

Special efforts are made to ensure that students imitate behaviour and develop personality in ways that are appropriate for their role in the industry. Here are some tips and tricks for making a good first impression in-group discussions. Students will also take several mock interviews to get a rough idea of ​​how to answer complex questions easily.

Campus Placements

Sandip University has a well dedicated placement cell that helps the students in not only giving good placements but also in preparing them to give interviews. Every year many companies visit the placement cell and many students get recruited from this cell. Since Sandip University has a great reputation, a lot of companies visit this University to recruit the students. The rate of average salary is also quite good and companies from multiple domains visit the campus.

Certain advantages of placement cell of the University are as follows:

100% placement support

Multiple vacancies from leading companies

Advice on career opportunities

Corporate partnerships for student development

Industry synchronous internships for company contacts

Regular guest lectures and workshops


In conclusion, it can be said that Sandip University has a strong placement cell that helps the students in getting placement opportunities as well as preparing them for placements. The placements that the cell provides go a long way in helping the students to build their careers. Therefore, if you want to have good placements then join Sandip University!

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