Importance of Studying in Top Fashion Design Colleges in Maharashtra

Importance of Studying in Top Fashion Design Colleges in Maharashtra

There are many advantages of studying fashion designing in one of the top fashion design colleges in Maharashtra. Fashion designing is a dynamic career choice with a wide career scope. Today, fashion designers have reached celebrity-levels of popularity through their creativity and dedication towards their craft.

Leading Indian designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra and many others are household names and their designs are coveted by many around the world. Becoming a fashion designer needs a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are serious about a career in this field then you will need to develop relevant skills and gain professional knowledge about fashion designing.

Maharashtra is home to many leading fashion designing colleges. While fashion designing is a fairly popular program and there are many colleges that offer various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in this field, it is important to pursue a relevant degree from a leading college.

Here are some of the advantages of studying in a top fashion design college in Maharashtra:

Advanced Curriculum

Any fashion designing program is only effective if its course curriculum is up to the mark. An advanced curriculum will go a long way in helping you gain the right training in fashion designing. Such a curriculum includes a balanced approach between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Leading fashion designing colleges understand the need for an industry-synced curriculum. They constantly look for the latest trends and advancements in fashion design to include them in the course curriculum. Studying such a program will help you gain an advantage over your competition in the job market as you will have a futuristic training in the field.

Placement Assistance

If you wish to start your fashion career with some of India’s leading fashion houses, you will need to join a college that offers great placement assistance. Colleges often have a dedicated placement cell that oversees placement activities. These activities include conducting annual placement drives, mock interview sessions, skill development sessions, and corporate partnerships for better placements.

Many top Indian fashion designing colleges offer 100% placement assistance through job fairs and annual placement drives. They partner with leading fashion houses in India to provide their students with competitive job opportunities and a great start to their career in fashion designing. This is another major advantage of studying from a reputed fashion designing college.

Experienced Faculty

Faculty plays a huge role in training students as per industry standards. A course curriculum can only benefit students properly if a college employs highly experienced and qualified faculty members. Students depend on faculty members to solve doubts and guide them throughout the program.

Many prestigious fashion designing colleges hire faculty members with many years of teaching experience and skills. These professionals not only teach students theoretical knowledge about fashion designing, they also train students in specialised labs to help them gain industry-relevant skills in the field.

Industry Exposure

Industry exposure is very important for fashion designers. Fashion is something that changes faster than the weather, and something that is fashionable today can become outdated tomorrow. Fashion designing colleges understand the changing nature of fashion and hence they focus on providing students with industry exposure.

Activities like eminent guest lectures, workshops conducted by industry experts, industry visits to fashion houses, seminars by top fashion designers, competitions, and inter-college events provide students with industry exposure. So look for colleges that organise such activities on a regular basis.

Hands-on Training

Fashion designing is a creative field and you will need to have relevant skills to make it in the industry. Fashion designers have to be adept at things like textile weaving, sketching, and textile dyeing. Besides this, they also have to know about other aspects of fashion besides clothes that include jewellery, footwear, handbags, headwear, and more.

Colleges that offer fashion designing programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level actually have the infrastructure to train students in this field. They have dedicated labs to help students gain hands-on skills to become competent fashion designers. These colleges also provide students with internships to help them gain professional experience and training on the job.

Dedicated Student Development

It is true that an advanced curriculum, hands-on training and industry exposure are important to become a successful fashion designer, the industry always demands more. Technical skills and training will only take you so far if you do not develop relevant soft skills.

Top fashion design colleges ensure the overall development of their students. Their students are encouraged to participate in student clubs depending on their interests, competitions, events, debate competitions, and other such activities that can enhance their personality. These activities help students develop better communication skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, time management and leadership.

Fashion Designing at Sandip University

Sandip University is one of the best fashion designing colleges in Nashik. We offer these undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fashion designing:

  1. B.Des in Fashion and Lifestyle Design
  2. B.Sc in Fashion Design
  3. M.Sc in Fashion Design
  4. PhD in Fashion Design

These programs are taught by qualified and highly experienced faculty members. Our 250+ acre campus in Nashik, Maharashtra has the kind of infrastructure that will transform our students into successful fashion designers. Students are trained in a wholesome and holistic environment through a cutting-edge curriculum.

We conduct annual campus placement drives and provide students with 100% placement assistance. Our “Campus to Corporate” initiative helps our students gain relevant industry-oriented training to help them integrate into the fashion industry.

We encourage prospective students to visit our campus, interact with our faculty, take a tour of Sandip School of Design and evaluate the benefits of pursuing fashion designing from Sandip University!

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