7 Things to Know Before Joining an Engineering College

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Pursuing a career in engineering can be extremely rewarding. There are some excellent specialisations you can choose from to have a thriving career in engineering. However, there are certain things you need to do in order to be accepted at some of the best private universities for engineering. So if you have explored your options and have made up your mind about pursuing engineering then there are some things you need to know in advance.

Here are 7 things to know before joining an engineering college:

  1. Choose the Right Specialisation

The very first thing you should know before applying to an engineering college is which specialisation you wish to pursue. Today there are diverse specialisations available in engineering besides the traditional options and so it is extremely important to choose the right specialisation based on your aptitude and interests. Conduct thorough research before deciding on the specialisation you wish to pursue.

  1. Shortlist Desirable Colleges

There are many top private universities in India that offer cutting-edge engineering programs. They also offer value addition and certification programs to help improve students’ hands-on skills and soft skills to ace the job market. Shortlist colleges that offer the specialisation you wish to pursue. Conduct some research on how well-recognised the college is, its national rankings, and the kind of awards it has won on national and international platforms before making the final decision.

  1. Focus on Skill Development

While accepting students for engineering programs, colleges now focus beyond merit scores. They want students who possess hands-on skills which can be built on through meticulous training at engineering colleges. Hence, it is best to focus on acquiring some basic skills to enhance your application to private universities in India.

  1. Start Building your Portfolio

It is never too early to build on your portfolio. A well-designed portfolio will not only help you attract admissions at top engineering colleges in India, but will also give your resume an additional boost in the job market. Companies are interested in your performance beyond academics, and a portfolio that goes beyond your engagement at an engineering college will give you an added edge over your competitors in the job market.

  1. Gain Diverse Knowledge

Only focusing on the branch of engineering which you want to pursue is no longer enough to land a spectacular job in the industry. Your knowledge must include diverse topics as most colleges look forward to training multifaceted students who have interests beyond the obvious. Even recruitment companies seek candidates who show an inclination towards being knowledgeable about various topics.

  1. Enhance your Communication Skills

Make your communication skills your main focus. This includes learning the English language well in both written and oral capacities, and maintaining a professional communication style. Many best private universities in India spend huge amounts on certification programs to help improve students’ communication and soft skills. However, this trend may soon be on the decline as more and more universities could choose to accept students who already possess desirable communication skills.

  1. Step Out of your Comfort Zone

Choosing the specialisation that interests you is all well and good, but you cannot function completely in your comfort zone when in college. You need to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there by participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering for leadership positions on projects, and enhancing your personality during your educational journey. This will help you later in attracting excellent job opportunities.


There are many things you need to focus on before joining an engineering college. While the pointers mentioned above will greatly help you in your journey as an engineering student, it is you who has to put in the hard work and come out the other end a dynamic engineer fit to be employed in the industry. So make the most of your educational experience at one of the top private engineering universities in India. Good luck!

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