Top Career Options after 12th PCM with Computer Science

Top Career Options after 12th PCM with Computer Science

Computer science is a futuristic field with many career opportunities. If you have completed 12th PCM and want to pursue one of the many courses after 12th Science, then this is the right option for you. Computer science is a vast field, with newer tech being invented on a regular basis. However, since it is a vast field, you have a lot of branches to choose from for a global career.

Some of the most popular specialisations in computer science are artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud technology, information security, data science, cyber security, cloud computing, and virtual reality, to name a few. Let us take a look at some of the top career options in this field.

Career Options After 12th Science in Computer Science:

1. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are professionals who oversee and implement security systems to protect an organisation’s computer network. They have to constantly analyse the existing security measures implemented by a company to secure their computer network and look for any possible breaches that can take place by cyber criminals. These professionals have to keep themselves updated with the latest cyber security threats to ensure that the company’s computer networks are secure from such threats.

2. Cloud Technology Engineer

Cloud technology engineers design, develop, test and maintain cloud-based tech to make sure that the technology has sufficient storage space for bulky data. They also make sure that the security policies are followed accurately to ensure that the data is secure from cyber threats. Cloud technology is a revolutionary tech that is becoming more and more mainstream due to its flexible usage and cost-effectiveness. There are many professional courses after 12th that you can pursue to become a successful cloud technology engineer.

3. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial intelligence engineers are tasked with developing different kinds of artificial intelligence algorithms that are equipped with the technology to analyse available data to make predictions regarding future events. These machines that are equipped with artificial intelligence are designed to think and behave like human beings. Replicating human intelligence artificially is the next step towards the technological revolution and artificial intelligence engineers have a massive role to play in this field.

4. Data Scientist

Data scientists are professionals who compile, analyse, interpret, and provide an insight into the conclusions derived from analysing the data. Data scientists are hired by businesses to interpret collected data so that they can use the analysis to make important business decisions. These decisions are related to product development, marketing and advertising, branding, customer relations, and various other organisational decisions.

5. Network Engineer

Network engineers develop, test and maintain a company’s computer network. They have to assist employees with any issues regarding their computers, maintain proper firewalls to prevent cyberattacks, and also develop a system that can help the company’s computer network remain inter-connected. They have to keep an eye on the hardware and software, check for updates, and make sure that the hardware and software are updated to their latest versions. Network engineers also troubleshoot problems that arise in a company’s computer network.

6. Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber security engineers work with businesses to secure their company’s computer network and data against cyberattacks. These professionals have to be extremely smart and tech-savvy, and have to be proactive in finding out about the latest cyber threats and scams. These professionals create technologies that can combat cyberattacks, while also maintaining network security within an organisation. Cyber security professionals are in high demand in multiple industries, including the banking and finance sector.

7. Software Developer

Software developers develop different kinds of software that we use on our mobile phones, laptops, and other systems. They are responsible for understanding the client’s requirement regarding the software and then designing the same accordingly. They also have to check the software for bugs and other such issues to ensure that the software is working without a glitch. Software developers need to know programming and coding languages to do their work efficiently and professionally.

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