Power of VFX

In the 21st century ,the Digital revolution is by far amongst the biggest events that changed the world. It has left its imprints on every phase of our life, making things faster and more convenient, one way or the other. A big aspect of digitalization is the offering of cutting edge technologies offered, like for e.g. Visual effects VFX (more precisely computer graphics or CG) has given us communication and presentation alternatives like never before. One area where we can find its substantial effect and holding lots of future potential is in the Education Sector.
So what does VFX mean?

VFX which means visual effects refers to the visual animated showcasing, communicating of concepts towards a desired/targeted audience. With the option of being able to show it in 2D or 3D dimensions, it allows for a very realistic (at times lifelike) display of what exactly is the concept of the VFX Artist

Animator is the part of VFX Team. There are many different disciplines in VFX i.e Pre Production Team, ProductionTeam, Post-Production Team

Animators animate as per the requirements of the instructors/educationalists. This is a fantastic achievement as once a model is finalized, it can be viewed infinitely numerous times without the need of an individual human tutor to teach in person.

Such sort of visual effects are stepping stones towards creating an education medium that is completely teacher free, and the student can learn at completely his/her own pace. This is a brilliant initiative and will only lead to a win-win situation for those associated with it. For one, it will allow education to reach the far corners of the country, where it is difficult to get access to good quality education, and secondly, it will also spin the demand of a new sector that is just a few years old.

India is a large young population and if it has to prosper it must ensure that a maximum number of its citizens are educated. Because through education, it will be able to overcome the various challenges that it is facing today. Visual effects have been in a dormant form for many decades, now the time is ripe for it to unleash and Wow all of us!

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