What are the Best Colleges and Universities in India for my Chosen Field?

Best Colleges and Universities in India for my Chosen Field

There are many excellent colleges in India for different fields of study. The best college for you would depend on the field of study you choose. For example, some colleges have a very good reputation for their engineering and management programs, but are not so renowned for their design programs. On the other hand, some colleges may have very good facilities for science and pharmacy students but they may be lacking in the technical arena like computer engineering.

However, if you want to pursue engineering from one of the top engineering colleges in Maharashtra, then Sandip University is the right choice for you. Sandip University offers a range of programs in engineering, computer science, management, law, pharmacy, design, sciences and much more. Without doubt Sandip University is a wonderful institution for any field that you choose as the course curriculums of all programs are designed to meet current and future industry standards.

Here are some of the reasons that make Sandip University the best private university in India:

1. Experiential Learning & Training

At Sandip University, you can expect to gain more hands-on training than classroom sessions. This is because today the need for technical skill development in any field is very important. More and more businesses across industries are looking to hire professionals who have practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge in the field.

This means that the companies do not have to spend more in training you further, which makes you a valuable candidate for their organisation. Such an educational experience can help you gain placements in a leading MNC, which can further help you launch a global career in the long run.

2. High-tech Field-specific Labs

Sandip University has created diverse labs for different fields. It is common to find colleges that have high-tech labs for engineering and science-related fields. However, at Sandip University, a large portion of the 250+ acre campus is dedicated to spacious and advanced labs.

Even if you opt for a fashion or interior design program, you will study in labs specific to these fields. This will help you improve your practical skills in the field of your choice and have a better advantage over your peers in the job market.

3. Value-addition & Global Certifications

Degree qualifications can be further enhanced with the help of value-addition and global certification programs. Sandip University has integrated such programs into the course curriculum of the courses offered.

These value-addition programs are linked to leading institutes and organisations across India so your resume will definitely benefit from their inclusion when looking for a job. Leading experts from relevant industries conduct some of these programs to help students gain industry exposure in the long run.

4. 100% Placement Assistance

Sandip University’s dynamic placement cell organises annual placement drives where students receive 100% placement assistance to launch their career. Over 150 global recruitment partners from various industries participate in these placement drives to recruit fresh talent into their workforce.

Students are provided with training and counselling before the placements through mock interviews, skill building tutorials, resume-writing workshops and much more. Students are groomed to attract the best placement opportunities in the field of their choice.

5. Expert & Experienced Faculty

Faculty members are at the helm of transforming students into well-trained professionals. The faculty members are recruited from leading institutions like IITs and NITs to provide students with a path breaking learning experience. These professionals are well-qualified and highly experienced, bringing with them a wealth of expertise in their respective fields.

Sandip University regularly organises faculty exchange and development programs on a national and international level. This helps faculty members upgrade their skills and teaching methods due to their exposure to global standards during such programs.

6. Global Industry Exposure

Global exposure to the industry of your choice is very necessary as the world today is more interconnected than ever before. Students who fail to gain global industry exposure can sometimes fall back in their career track when compared to their peers in the industry.

Sandip University has tie-ups with various national and international institutions and organisations to help students expand their worldview in their field of study. Students at Sandip University gain industry exposure to national and international competitions, workshops, internships, global immersion programs, industry visits, field trips, and many such events.

7. Wholesome Educational Experience

Sandip University is a world class hub of globally-recognised education. The University’s 250+ acre campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled and is designed to provide students with a wholesome educational experience. The campus infrastructure is a balance between modern facilities, while also being grounded in nature.

Beautiful gardens and a picturesque landscape provide a perfectly peaceful environment for students to study, improve their skills and knowledge, and rejuvenate. Students are encouraged to connect with nature and find a decent balance between strenuous study sessions and wholesome learning experiences.


These are some of the factors that make Sandip University a top choice for the field of your choice. It is definitely one of the best private universities in India for B.Tech programs. So, if you are looking for a futuristic and holistic educational experience, then Sandip University is definitely the right place for you!

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