10 Best Courses After 12th Science in 2021 | Career Opportunities

Best Courses After 12th Science , Career Opportunities

Science has always been one of the most popular career opportunities to opt for after completing 10th. If you are considering a career in science then you have a vast number of career opportunities after 12th science open to you for higher education. While engineering and computer science are definitely some of the best courses after 12th science, there are a lot of options besides these two fields of study.

10 Best Courses You Can Pursue After 12th Science:

1. Engineering

If you pursue engineering you can choose either a B.E. or a B.Tech. programme in Aerospace, Civil, Mechanical, or Electrical and Electronics, as per your aptitude and interests. These undergraduate degrees are generally between 3 and 4 years. To pursue B.Tech courses from a top engineering college in Nashik, Maharashtra you must complete 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects with 50% aggregate marks.

2. Computer Application

Bachelor of Computer Application is another excellent career option in the science stream. With this qualification you can learn skills that can help you solve issues arising in computer systems and applications. There is a lot of scope for professionals holding a BCA degree, and this qualification will help you attract career opportunities from top companies within the tech industry.

3. Computer Science

The computer science industry has a broad range of excellent B.Tech courses you can choose from including Computer Science and Engineering, Cloud Technology and Information Security, Cyber Security and Forensics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Full Stack Development. You can aim for global opportunities if you pursue a B.Tech in Computer Science degree from one of the best computer science colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra.

4. Medicine

Medicine is one of most tried and tested career options which will never lose its scope. You can pursue MBBS, BAMS, BEMS or even Homeopathy if you are considering a career in medicine. After obtaining the necessary qualifications you can either opt for a specialisation in a particular field or kick start your career right away.

5. Pure Sciences

There is a lot of scope for pure sciences including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology, Life Sciences, and other such specialisations. You can pursue a B.Sc. followed by an M.Sc. and even go on to pursue a PhD in your field of choice if you are interested in research opportunities. These qualifications can also get you a reputable teaching job at one of the top science colleges in India.

6. Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical science goes hand in hand with the field of medicine and both these industries are making waves in 2021. Especially with the onset of the COVID-19 virus and the race against time to formulate a viable vaccine, the pharmaceutical industry has been the prime focus this last year. You can pursue a Diploma, Bachelor, and eventually a Masters degree in Pharmacy to obtain better career opportunities in the field.

7. Cosmetic Science

Over the last decade the cosmetic industry has seen a massive surge in terms of newer players in the industry, and the demand for better and more sustainable products in the market. As customers are becoming more aware and more eco-friendly, they are turning towards brands which provide them with better options for their skincare routines. You can pursue a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Cosmetic Science to pursue a promising career in one of the fastest growing industries across the globe.

8. Architecture

Architecture is another industry which is booming due to demand in modern and high-tech commercial and residential spaces. Pursuing a B.Arch. or Bachelor of Architecture will help you plan, design, and help with the construction of beautiful spaces around the world. This is a global career which is set to have more and better opportunities in the coming years.

9. Dental Surgery

Dental science is a branch of medicine that you can pursue after completing 12th in the science stream. You can pursue a 5-year BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery and start your career in the field of dental science. Once you acquire the right licenses and qualifications, you can either join an established hospital as a resident dentist or start your own independent dental practice.

10. Nursing

Nursing is a noble profession which is high in demand across the globe. There are many top international hospitals which look for qualified and well-trained nurses to assist their doctors. You have to pursue GNM or General Nursing & Midwifery after 10+2, followed by a 2-year B.Sc. Nursing undergraduate degree to become a qualified and professional nurse. After that you have to register with any State Nursing Registration council to start working in the field.


Besides these career options, you always have the option of pursuing degrees in commerce, management, or humanities. There are a number of opportunities in UX design, business management, animation, journalism, languages, and other such fields which are just as professional and lucrative to pursue. Make sure that you have the aptitude and a keen interest in whichever career you choose to pursue.

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