3 Best Data Science Courses in India



Data science is an inter-related field that gains insights and valuable information through scientific means, processes, algorithms, and various other systems. Data science is primarily concerned with Big Data and data mining. There have been a number of advancements in the field of data science over the last few decades, and there are projections of tremendous growth in the industry over coming decades. These projections have led to a flurry of data science courses for students interested in pursuing a career in this industry.

Sandip University is one of the leading computer sciences and engineering colleges in India. We offer a range of courses related to data science that can help students gain unique insights into the field and also kick start their career in the right direction. We also collaborate with industry leaders to ensure that our courses are aligned with industry standards and to help our students gain relevant industry exposure.

Let’s take a look at the 3 best data science courses that Sandip University offers in India:

  1. Tech CSE Data Science in collaboration with CDAC

A B.Tech CSE Data Science degree is the right foundation for your career in data science. The course is designed to teach students about the various dimensions of data science and the artificial intelligence industry. The curriculum of the programme is designed by the combined efforts of Sandip University’s experienced faculty members and experts from the industry. Sandip University’s collaboration with CDAC helps students attain relevant industry exposure that prepares them for the job market. Students gain hands-on experience at Sandip University’s fully equipped and modern computer science laboratories. The goal is to provide skilled and industry-ready professionals who can contribute to the growing data science industry.

  1. Tech Advanced Computing and Data Science in collaboration with CDAC

An M.Tech Advanced Computing and Data Science course offers a postgraduate degree to students interested in gaining focused specialisation in the field of data science. Advanced computing is a vast field in which professionals are expected to work with various computer systems, computer architecture, different types of computer hardware and software, and even operating systems. Sandip University has collaborated with CDAC to ensure that students are able to garner employment opportunities in government as well as private sector companies. The course is structured to prepare students for the competitive and high-pressure job market. After completion of this programme students can be hired as software architects, software engineers, software developers, etc.

  1. PG Diploma Advanced Cloud Computing in collaboration with ESDS Software Solutions

A PG Diploma in Advanced Cloud Computing is the perfect concise course that helps students gain relevant knowledge and training in the field of advanced cloud computing. The course teaches students about the essential elements that enable complex computer systems to function smoothly. The course is conducted in collaboration with ESDS so students have access to the teaching methods and systems developed by ESDS. Students study an innovative and industry-oriented curriculum prepared by ESDS, and work with the eNlight Cloud software. At the end of the programme students receive credentials and certifications from ESDS Software Solutions and Sandip University which are recognised by the industry.


Why should I pursue a course in Data Science from Sandip University?

Sandip University is a unique educational hub that concentrates on each student’s overall development. Each student has the opportunity to gain an exceptional knowledge while also developing their individual personality through sports competitions, events, seminars, guest lectures, workshops, student clubs, and many such opportunities. Besides a cutting-edge education Sandip University also offers students the chance to enhance their overall talents and transform into employable professionals.

Sandip University’s 250+ acre campus is a world of options and plays home to thousands of students every year. At Sandip University are constantly encouraged and pushed towards excellence through well-equipped laboratories, a well-stocked library, modern classrooms, and a world class faculty. Our students stand out of the crowd and that is why Sandip University is able to provide 100% placement assistance through annual placement drives. Each year leaders from various industries in government and private sector visit Sandip University and recruit exceptional talent to join their workforce.

Sandip University provides an education designed by professionals, for professionals. Visit www.sandipuniversity.edu.in for more information.

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