4 Reasons To Consider A Career In Transport Engineering & Planning

Transportation service is the backbone of any well-planned city. Given the rising need for mobility arising across the globe, it is essential to have an efficient transportation service. Governments across the world constantly look towards improving their country’s infrastructure to promote connectivity and accessibility. So who is qualified to conduct the task of designing a city’s infrastructure by overseeing the construction of bridges, roads, flyovers, airports, bus terminals, and so on? Persons holding a degree in transport engineering and planning are equipped to undertake this task. Some leading engineering colleges in India now offer degrees in transport engineering and planning.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a career in transport engineering and planning

High in Demand

The Indian government is expected to invest Rs. 50 trillion in the infrastructure sector by 2022. Projects like “Smart City Mission” and “Housing for All” are at the forefront of this investment sector. The government is also encouraging FDI in the infrastructure sector to drive growth and jobs in the country. Given such dynamic plans by the government, there is going to be a high demand for well-qualified transport engineers and planners in the country. Very soon the public sector is going to look at top engineering colleges in India to meet the requirement that the government has for employable and industry-ready transport engineers to design and plan multi-lane highways, flyovers, railroads, airports etc.

Challenging Job Profiles

Transport engineering is a very diverse profile. Not all transport engineers are employed for the same kind of tasks. While some are largely employed to plan inter-city road transport systems, others are expected to design transport facilities for railways, airways, seaways, etc. what this means that there isn’t just a particular type of transport engineer, the profile varies depending on the requirement. The key is for transport engineers to use analytical thinking and combining it with the training they receive at college so that they can help plan the transport systems of any city or country to its maximum potential.

An Advanced Domain

If you are someone who is a tech buff then transport engineering is the perfect career for you. There are numerous technological advancements happening in the field of transportation every other day. The advancements have reached such lengths that now ultra-realistic 3D models of projects can be conjured up. These models are nothing like the ones used until now, in fact, these models inculcate factors like stressors, electricity and plumbing systems, and even give out a fair estimate about how extreme temperatures can affect the structure. Today the transport and planning department lays much emphasis on connectivity, pushing ideas like ‘smart’ roads and Internet of Things. These technologies can revolutionise the transportation system to a whole other level where ‘smart’ roads can intimate authorities about construction malfunction in the roads, and even send out traffic updates for better mobility.

A Diverse Field

There are multiple job profiles that someone with a degree in transport engineering and planning can pursue. If you wish to be more on-ground and hands-on about transportation then you can choose road or railway transport. If you wish to contribute to a more futuristic trend in transportation then you can become an airport engineer. Furthermore, if you wish to do something that is a little unusual then you can pursue a career in seaway transportation. Whatever you do the number of opportunities in transport engineering and planning will never run out. All you need to ensure is that you are a well-trained and qualified transport engineer.

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