5 Best Career Options after B.Sc Interior Design


Interior designing is a thoroughly creative career choice and must be chosen after adequate contemplation. However, if you have the creative streak and want to make a thriving career out of it, there is no better career option than choosing interior designing. People of means are always looking for a creative and qualified person to transform their residential or commercial spaces. A B.Sc in Interior Design could be the right outlet for your creative skills.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best career options that you can consider after completing B.Sc in Interior Design:

  1. A Job at a Design Firm

Working in a firm that deals with designing, be it architectural or interior designing, can be a great way to kick start your career as an interior designer. If you like working as a part of a team then a design firm is a great option for you. The work culture at design firms is usually relaxed and full of creative energy. Your days will be filled with team building opportunities which are great for personal and professional growth. However, be prepared to give in your level best as any kind of designing requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

  1. Furniture Designer

Designing furniture is a vast field. There are multiple opportunities if you wish to pursue this line of designing. Lots of furniture manufacturing companies are looking for professional designers who can design cutting-edge, modern, and space-saving furniture. Also, you can launch a range of designer furniture designed by you to interested clientele. You can become a freelance furniture designer helping homeowners furnish their new home. You could also be hired by small-scale furniture makers to design enticing furniture pieces for their business.

  1. Product Designer

Since designers have a fine eye for detail, the role of a product designer is very suitable for them. Designing a home or a corporate space goes beyond picking the right furniture or ensuring that the space has architectural aesthetics. As a product designer you will gain better insights into designing lighting equipment, home decor, curtains, showpieces and many other materials that go into decorating a space. A successful product designer is able to come up with innovative and tech-oriented designs with a “wow” factor that make a space seem welcoming and pleasing.

  1. Set/Temporary Space Designer

The film and television industry across the world is growing at a tremendous pace. With streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime investing in making movies under their own banners, there is a massive demand for movie set and temporary space designers. This is a highly creative job role with an opportunity to truly flourish as a designer. The possible downside could be tight deadlines and a high-pressure work environment, but as long as your work is excellent and you are enthusiastic about your job, you can make a name for yourself as a set designer.

  1. Launch an Independent Design Firm

This is truly the era of start-ups and there is nothing more promising than a young, talented designer making their own way in the industry. While there may be a few hurdles along the way for you to work over, and things may take some time to look up, eventually you will be rewarded with a thriving practice as an interior designer in the ever-growing industry. People are constantly revamping their living spaces, offices, restaurants, and such spaces. You can choose which kind of spaces you would like to focus on, whether you prefer residential properties or commercial spaces, or if you are okay with both. You can be your own boss and maybe even hire some help along the way as your company takes off.

Should you pursue B.Sc Interior Design from Sandip University?

Sandip University offers a B.Sc in Interior Design to interested students. The course is designed keeping in mind the current and futuristic trends of the designing industry. Sandip University’s B.Sc in Interior Design is a 3-year course spread over 6 semesters. Students are taught subjects like Fundamentals of Structure, Theory of Design, Material Exposure, Analytical Drawing, Interior Construction, Cost Estimation, and many such significant subjects. You will be studying the tools required to turn empty spaces into awe-inspiring works of art.

Students at Sandip University receive 100% placement assistance through annual placement drives. Leading companies from the private and public sector participate in these recruitment drives to add qualified professionals into their workforce. Sandip University is set in a 250 acre picturesque campus which is a mode of inspiration for design students to expand their horizons in the arena.

Design a thriving success story at Sandip University. Visit www.sandipuniversity.edu.in for more information.


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