5 Exciting Career Opportunities after B. Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 2021

Career Opportunities after B. Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Approximately 18% of students who pursue engineering at the undergraduate level choose electrical and electronics engineering as their major. Students generally make up their mind regarding the career path they wish to pursue after class 12, and in an ever-evolving world, it is not surprising that a lot of students pursue engineering. Newer and better technologies are being rapidly developed across India and so there is growing scope for engineering students. The same stands true for electrical and electronics engineering as well.

Top 5 Exciting Careers After B. Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2021:

1. Electrical Engineer

The most obvious choice after completing this program is becoming an Electrical Engineer. These engineers work with complex electrical systems that are involved in creating and transmitting electricity, transmitting power, and facilitating motor control. They also work with home appliances, telecommunications systems, satellite communications, and power stations that supply electricity to cities. So if you think you would like to work as an electrical engineer then this is your chance as electronics engineering admissions are already underway in most top engineering colleges in India.

2. Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications engineers are responsible for designing, managing, maintaining, and facilitating different modes of electronic communications such as calls, texts, internet services, and video calling. There is a lot of scope for telecommunications engineers due to the increased dependency on interconnectivity through mobile devices. B. Tech admissions in 2021 have shown an increase in the number of students considering telecommunications engineering as a career choice when applying for B. Tech engineering.

3. Electrical Design Engineer

Electrical design engineers are tasked with creating designs and layouts of electrical systems for diverse applications. These engineers need to be well-versed with computer programs and tools that can assist them with their tasks. After the designs for the systems are finalised, they are also responsible for providing expert support throughout the product development, manufacturing, and post-production stage. The advantage that electrical design engineers have is that they are employed in various fields including aerospace, telecommunications, chemical companies, defence, marine, railway, and construction.

4. Instrumentation Engineer

Instrumentation engineers are hired by companies that have automated processes in place. The sole purpose of instrumentation engineers is to ensure that production, overall safety, and stability of the product is not compromised. They also have to ensure full optimisation of resources, work out glitches in the production process, and maintain existing systems to their maximum capacity. If you are someone who is able to think outside the box, solve problems on the go, and can work well in a high stakes environment then this could be the right career option for you.

5. Micro Electrical Engineer

Micro electrical engineers deal with the microelectronics branch of electronics that specifically focuses on designing small electrical parts such as microchips, small circuits, and semiconductors. These technologies are used in diverse industries such as aerospace, biomedical, IT sector, and companies dealing with complex electronic systems. Micro electrical engineers are responsible for designing new products and innovating existing designs to improve efficiency and performance.

Offbeat Career Options

Since electrical and electronics engineering is such a diverse field, there are many offbeat career options you can pursue after completing a B. Tech degree in the field. You can become a professor in the field. Most universities require at least M. Tech qualifications from applicants; however, there are many virtual educational portals who may recruit professionals holding a B. Tech degree.

You can also work as a freelance technical writer. Many engineering institutes and journals are always on the lookout for quality technical writers who can write accurate and engaging content based on the subject. Furthermore, you can freelance as an electrician, take up projects of home renovations, or work with interior designers to provide them with home-based electronics solutions.


If you have made up your decision to take up electronics and electrical engineering then you must shortlist the best engineering colleges in India as electrical engineering admissions are already underway. So if you want to enroll into one of the best B. Tech colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra then this is the right time to make your move.

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