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The field of computer engineering is a universe in itself. There is a continuous scope of ever evolving technological advancements across various industries. As educators and creators of future computer engineers it is the duty of educational institutes to remain updated with the current and upcoming requirements of the industry. There are a number of trends that are constantly erupting in the field of computer engineering. Top computer engineering colleges keep a stringent eye on such technologies so that they can reframe their curriculum and educate their students appropriately.

Here are the five trends that renowned computer engineering colleges are focusing on

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

For decades now there has been massive research and development conducted in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Studies show that by 2024, the global robotics industry will be worth US$80 billion. Artificial intelligence is one of the most intriguing fields of computer science till date. Despite even though artificial intelligence in early stages of development a number of tech giants like Facebook, IBM, and Google are pouring in large sums of money in researching and developing artificial intelligence. Well-trained professionals are required to conduct research and develop artificial intelligence and robotics technology in the real world. This is why best computer engineering colleges focus on robotics and artificial intelligence when designing their curriculum.

Cyber Security

Since the advent of the internet, cyber security has been a hot topic of discussion and debate. Due to massive technological advancements everything in this world has become interconnected. The cyber space is no longer only used for social networking, but also for important functions like banking, shopping, and even governmental infrastructure. This puts data protection on the forefront of the computer science industry. Individuals, businesses, and governments are constantly looking to safeguard information in the cyber space. Because of this growing need for cyber security, the number of jobs in this industry is constantly increasing. Top computer engineering colleges observe this rising trend and so take it into consideration when chalking out the syllabus.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

The entertainment and gaming industry has witnessed a rise in the application of virtual and augmented reality to its components. 3D projectors, movement detectors, virtual reality gadgets, these are just some of the ways in which virtual and augmented reality has become a part of the entertainment and gaming industry. Even other industries are looking to inculcate hardware and software involving augmented and virtual reality technologies. Such a massive demand for this technology is bound to create a massive number of jobs in the industry. This is why top computer engineering colleges in India are inculcating augmented and virtual reality in its curriculum.

Computer-assisted Education

Computer-assisted education or e-learning has been on the rise since a few years now. More and more educational institutes are offering full-time computer-assisted education as well as e-learning aids to their students. This has been massively helpful especially to students who cannot attend a regular school or college due to special circumstances. E-learning modules help students to revise their lessons at their own pace. Educators from around the world are confident in the growth of computer-assisted education as studies show that play-based and active e-learning modules are better-capturing student’s attention. There is a growing need for professional computer engineers to help facilitate computer-assisted education. Best computer engineering colleges offer comprehensive e-learning modules to their students as revision aids.


Bioinformatics is the process of using big data to develop and build an inexhaustible database of biological information for research purposes. This happens when various pharmaceutical companies come together with software companies to create one single database for all kinds of bio-information which can go a long way in aiding research and development in the medical field. The field of bioinformatics is constantly growing, with multiple job opportunities in fields like medical technology, pharmaceutical industry, and computer information sciences. Top computer engineering colleges boost the prospects of computer science researchers by focusing on the bioinformatics industry.

There are a large number of computer engineering colleges in India. However, not all of them have the foresight to constantly upgrade their curriculum to meet the needs of the industry. The goal of any educational institute should be to make their students employable.

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