7 Best Career Options after BBA in Sports Management

BBA Sports Management

A degree in sports management can open up a wide range of career options for you in the sports arena. You can pick opportunities ranging from complicated financial remedies to administrative challenges. Let’s take a look at 7 best career options you can consider after completing a BBA in Sports Management:

  1. Athletics Administrator

In any sports organisation there is someone who oversees different aspects of a team, a franchise, or a sportsperson’s decision making process. Athletics administrators are the ones hired to supervise hiring and firing of staff members, overseeing legal regulations, and many such responsibilities.

  1. Financial & Contract Analyst

Each sportsperson or sports team needs to manage and regulate their funds effectively. Financial and contract analysts help sportspersons and teams manage their finances in a manner that ensures the feasibility of their sport. These professionals also help athletes navigate corporate and legal jargon when they are signing new contracts or renewing old ones.

  1. Corporate Partnerships Manager

Sportspersons and teams usually work with corporate sponsors who employ the athlete’s popularity to promote their product or brand. Hence, they require corporate partnerships managers to steer through complex corporate partnerships and ensure that the athletes’ interests and also to protect them from legal liabilities.

  1. Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager is of paramount importance to a renowned athlete as they have to ensure that their public image is up to the mark. They also need someone competent to represent them in the media. Besides this, a public relations manager’s job also entails making sure that their client’s unwanted publicity is curtailed.

  1. Sports Agent

A sports agent usually overlooks finding corporate endorsements, organising sporting events, and making public appearances on behalf of their clients. A sports agent is their client’s representative on a global scale. You need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills to make it as an exceptional sports agent.

  1. Facility Operations Manager

A facility operations manager is responsible for managing some of the bigger sporting events in which their client may be participating. They manage contracts, organise event ticket sales, and even coordinate response plans in case of an emergency. They also have to make sure that the available resources are not being squandered and are being utilised properly.

  1. Sport Marketer

Sports marketers are responsible for ensuring that their athletes attain the right kind of marketing by creating media buzz, corporate endorsements, and maintaining the right kind of public image. They work closely with public relationship managers to manage events, keep a track of media exposure, and curb negative publicity against their clients.

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