8 Best Courses after 12th without Maths

Courses after 12th Science without Maths

Picking a career path in the science stream can be quite challenging, especially if you want to avoid a career path that involves studying maths. If you are one of the many students who don’t prefer maths, then you are in luck! There have been a growing number of courses that one can pursue without bothering with maths.

8 Career Options Without Worrying About Maths:

  1. BBA (Marketing, Human Resource Management, Sports Management, Travel and Tourism, Event Management)

A Bachelor in Business Administration with specialisation in HRM, Marketing, Sports Management, Travel and Tourism, or Event Management can prove to be an excellent career choice for you. These specialisations have been up and coming in recent times, and market trends show that professionals holding a BBA with any of these specialisations can have a bright career ahead.

  1. BFA Animation & VFX

Who isn’t impressed with a well-made animated movie or a superhero movie with amazing special effects? If you want to be the person behind such brilliant works of creativity, then a career in BFA Animation and VFX can be your calling.

  1. Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm)

The pharmaceutical industry is booming owing to the increased demand for new and improved drugs needed to combat diseases. A Diploma in Pharmacy is a great qualification to have if you want to kick-start your career in the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B-Pharm)

A B-Pharm degree is a 4-year comprehensive programme which can help you launch a productive career in pharmaceutical science. You must look for a college or university imparting pharmaceutical education approved by the Pharmacy Council of India.

  1. BSc Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is the right career for you if you have a creative mind and a liking for all things fashionable. There are many branches in fashion designing you could pursue, like apparel designing, footwear designing, jewellery designing, and accessory designing to name a few.

  1. BSc Cosmetic Science

Cosmetic science is the process of concocting cosmetic, skin care, and daily care products. The cosmetic industry is known to be recession-proof, so there is a lot of scope in the industry for well-qualified professionals holding a B.Sc or an M.Sc in Cosmetic Science degree.

  1. BSc Interior Design

An interior designer is tasked with managing the decor or a commercial or residential property depending on the client’s requirements. A well-qualified interior designer can launch a successful career in the industry if they have a creative streak and a keen sense of space design.

  1. BSc Microbiology

B.Sc in Microbiology is a three-year course that enables you to gain an in-depth knowledge about organic and inorganic chemistry, plant diversity, medical microbiology, plant biotechnology, and many such interesting subjects. You can truly gain excellent employment opportunities in private and public sector companies after completing this programme.

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