Advice to Follow Before Studying MCA After Graduation

Advice to Follow Before Studying MCA After Graduation

Master of Computer Application or MCA is a postgraduate program that you can pursue after graduation. This program focuses on advanced theoretical academic knowledge and hands-on practical skills in computer science. There is a lot of scope for professionals holding this qualification. The IT industry is constantly looking for skilled and qualified professionals to drive technological advancements. There are certain things you need to keep in mind before pursuing this program from one of the top MCA colleges in Maharashtra.

Here is some advice that you can follow before deciding to study MCA:

  1. Find Out All Necessary Details About the Program

You will need to find out all relevant details about the program before you choose to pursue the same. MCA is a specialised program with time and skill-intensive coursework. You will have to be prepared for the same if you are serious about pursuing MCA. Firstly, you will have to know the eligibility. Most colleges prefer candidates who have pursued BCA, BE or B.Tech programs in a relevant field at the undergraduate level to qualify for MCA.

Besides this, many leading colleges also have their own entrance tests that you will have to prepare for if you apply to these colleges. If you wish to pursue a master’s program and also work alongside, then an MCA is not the right option for you as this is a full-time program that will require a lot of time and effort from you. So be prepared to dedicate at least two years of your life to pursue an MCA degree.

  1. Shortlist Colleges Offering MCA

There are many amazing MCA colleges in Nashik that offer this dynamic and industry-oriented program to interested students. You will have to find the best ones, depending on your grades and aptitude. There are many ways in which you can determine which college will be the best for an MCA degree. You will have to look for certain pointers to establish whether the college is worth it or not.

Leading MCA colleges will have a futuristic infrastructure with advanced labs and educational settings. The MCA course curriculum will be in accordance with industry standards with additional focus on skill development. They will offer 100% placement assistance to students through annual placement drives. These colleges will also emphasise on overall student development through value addition and global certification programs.

  1. Understand the Career Scope of MCA

MCA is a very futuristic program with a lot of career scope across multiple industries. MCA is mainly related to computer science and computer application. So most of the job opportunities you will find will be in the IT sector. There are many advantages and disadvantages of working in the IT sector.

The advantages include great salary, flexible work, a cutting-edge field and a futuristic industry. On the other hand, you may have to put up with long working hours and have to constantly upgrade your skills and knowledge to survive in the industry. Some of the best placement colleges for MCA in Maharashtra can help you find placement as a Software Developer, Computer System Analyst, Software Consultant, Hardware Engineer, or a Web Developer.

  1. Analyse Your Future and Career Goals

While MCA can open you up to a vast range of career opportunities, you need to figure out whether you would be interested in those opportunities. If you are someone who would enjoy a challenging career in a technical field, then MCA could be the right option for you. Candidates who hold a BCA degree and are looking to further enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field must definitely opt for an MCA degree.

On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to try something different, then you can pursue M.Tech in a specialisation of your choice. Specialisations like Cloud Technology and Information Security are excellent choices for a bright career ahead. On the other hand, if you are creatively inclined and want to make a career in a vibrant field, then Master of UX Design is another fantastic program to consider. Understand your career goals to make the right decision regarding which postgraduate degree to pursue.

  1. Research Global Prospects of MCA

MCA is a globally-recognised degree and so you will not face any issues in finding career opportunities internationally with this qualification. Many international companies are keen on recruiting professionals holding an MCA degree from a reputed college in India. Such companies know that the standard of education offered by these colleges is on par with international institutions.

After gaining this qualification you can be hired by global companies including Amazon, Deloitte, Intel, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Dell, Master Card, and Larsen and Toubro, to name a few. You can also be recruited by leading Indian companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, IIT, HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, and HCL Technologies, to name a few.


These are some of the most important pointers to keep in mind before studying MCA after graduation. There are many MCA course colleges in Nashik that offer a comprehensive MCA program to interested students. MCA is a good qualification to have and it will definitely open up a world of opportunities for you. Make sure to pick the right college to help you gain a globally-recognised degree. This will help you gain jobs in leading Indian and international companies with a handsome salary. Good luck!

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