Aeronautical Engineering: Careers, Future Scope, Job Opportunities in India

Aeronautical Engineering in India

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most popular career choice for students who wish to do their careers in aircraft, space shuttles, aircraft, air shuttles etc. .

This is a study of “Aeronautics”. Aeronautics has been derived from the Greek word “Aer” that means ‘air’ and Nautike that means ‘navigation of the air’.

This branch is a deep study of manufacturing, design, and study of air flight capable machines. Students who want to join this field and branch of engineering want to have a challenging, bright and well paid career. There are various Aeronautical Engineering courses after 12th which the students can choose. This is a very specialized branch of engineering requiring specific skills and competencies. The best colleges in this field train the students on these skills and prepare them for the workforce. Once these skills are acquired, there is a wide scope of job opportunities in this branch of engineering. Some of the job profiles in which the students can work after passing their degrees are as follows:

Aerodynamics Engineer 

The work of Aerodynamics engineers  comprise of planning aircraft tests and analysing aero physics,  investigating whether different materials are suitable for building of the aircraft, testing designs and presentation of research and analysis to their dreams. . Aerodynamics engineers have a close network with air safety, legal, marketing and customer service teams to have a smooth functioning of their work. The B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering degree also trains the students in  Aerodynamic Analytics is also a skill in which the aerodynamics engineers work on and are skilled in.

Design Engineer 

A student who wishes to combine engineering knowledge with creativity, design engineering might be the career for you. As a design engineer a student is expected to formulate new ideas and do research on the new products to know how they are made. The Best Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Nashik motivate the students to pursue design engineering and help them to achieve the skills needed for the same. The design engineers works to improve the products efficiency and performance. Design engineers can work on many consumer products, the most important amongst them being aircrafts. For instance several NPU aeronautics degree graduates have been promoted to chief engineers. This creative and innovative branch therefore has a lot of scope.

Aeronautical Engineer 

One of the core job roles that one can work in this field is as an aeronautical engineer. As an aeronautical engineer, the job role is to design aircrafts, spacecraft’s, satellites and missiles. You will handle testing and creating prototypes, using software design tools for testing and training, alongside coordinating teams.

To be successful in this job role, a student requires to have good communication skills good problem solving skills and great problem solving skills as well. This role requires complex knowledge of this branch. The Top Aeronautical Engineering colleges in Maharashtra train the students on these skills in order to make them ready to work in the industry.

Engineering Consultant 

Engineering consultants give engineering advice to clients across the world about different projects.  The typical day of an engineering consultant consists coordinating meetings, meeting clients and explaining them a research backed-up analysis of the work.  This job role requires strong engineering knowledge, particularly in a specialized field of interest as well as excellent problem solving and communication skills transferable skills needed in engineering careers. This branch prepares the student for an advanced curriculum embedded in technology.  Both theory and practical components are been taught to the students by the top colleges in this course.

Electrical Engineer 

Electrical engineers do the job of designing engineering machines and supervise whether they comply to the rules and regulations and are made according to customer requirements.  They also have the role of conducting quality checks and ensuring whether the work is happening in a smooth flow.

Aeronautical engineers have the opportunity to work in big MNC’s such as HAL, DRDO, ISRO, Air India, Indian Airlines, Helicopter Corporation of India, DRDL, NAL, ADE, Civil Aviation Department, Private Airlines and Health Clubs.

In conclusion, we can say that aeronautical engineering is a flourishing career in India as well as in abroad. An aeronautical engineer is also paid very well. The average salary of aeronautical engineers in India is between the 5lakh to 6 lakh per annum. This also has a great opportunity to work in the government sector. In Indian government, aeronautical engineers are in great demand .This field has a wide scope of getting high salaries by merging their skill and innovative ideas on one field. A good academic background in aeronautical engineering also triggers a good career and salary. This career also has a great scope abroad. One can get a package of o $70000 to 100000 per annum in abroad. Once the students acquire necessary skills for this career, the sky is the limit!!

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