B.Tech Vs BCA: Which is the Best Career Option after Class 12?

B.Tech Vs BCA: Which is the Best Career Option after Class 12

The 21st century has brought about a new era of technological advancements and a wave of cutting-edge computer applications that play an important role in people’s lives. Nearly everyone today utilises some form of technology that has been developed by engineers in a high-tech setting. As there is more and more demand for better tech, the number of jobs in the market for professionals who hold relevant qualifications in the field. Most students who have opted for science in class 12 often face the dilemma of choosing between Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programs.

Here is everything you need to know about BCA and B.Tech to help you make the right decision regarding your career after class 12:

About the Programs

B.Tech: B.Tech is an undergraduate engineering program spread across four years and 8 semesters. This program is offered in most B.Tech colleges in Nashik, and is a unique combination of science and technology.

BCA: BCA is another popular undergraduate program spread across three years and six semesters. This program is popular among students interested in studying and developing computer applications, hardware, programming, and other fields related to computers.

Subjects & Specialisations

B.Tech: B.Tech is a degree that offers a number of specialisations in diverse fields. Students can opt for Cloud Technology & Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, and Computer Science Engineering when pursuing a B.Tech degree.

BCA: The curriculum for BCA in top BCA colleges in India generally consists of a variety of subjects that give students in-depth knowledge in the field. Students study Java Programming, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, and C Programming, to name a few topics of the course curriculum.

Eligibility Criteria

B.Tech: Students who have pursued science in 10+2 and have scored at least 50% aggregate marks in the subjects can apply for a B.Tech program. Students who have appeared for national entrance exams such as JEE are preferred by top B.Tech CSE colleges in Nashik.

BCA: Students who have studied science in 10+2 are preferred, but students from other branches can also apply for this program with at least 50% aggregate marks. There is no requirement for students to appear for national entrance exams to apply for BCA courses in Nashik.

Career Opportunities

B.Tech: Professionals holding a B.Tech degree can be hired as Software Engineers, Web Developers, Quality Engineers, Process Engineers, System Analysts, Data Security Officers, and Lecturers.

BCA: Professionals holding a BCA can be hired as Software Consultants, Software Engineers, Database Administrators, Programmers, Video Game Designers, Mobile Application Developers, Computer System Analysts, and Network Security Engineers, to name a few professions.

Higher Education

B.Tech: After completing this degree students can pursue M.Tech in the same or another relevant field, depending on their career aspirations. Besides this professionals can also opt for an MBA degree if they wish to gain knowledge in management.

BCA: Professionals can opt for an MCA after acquiring a BCA to further solidify their position in the field. They can also opt for a postgraduate diploma in a relevant field.


B.Tech: Professionals holding this degree can start their career with packages of INR 3 lakhs per year. This salary can then increase based on their career graph, the company, and the skills they acquire along the way.

BCA: Professionals holding a BCA degree without prior industry experience can earn INR 2.5 lakhs per year. This salary can increase over the years as they gain industry experience, and learn relevant skills as their career progresses.


Both degrees can help professionals find their footing in the industry depending on their skills and goals. You can study at one of the top B.Tech colleges in Maharashtra to gain relevant skills and knowledge to make it in the industry. If you are still confused about which degree to choose it is advisable to get in touch with a proper career counsellor to gain some clarity. Good luck!

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