Beauty Cosmetology & Fashion Designing: 6 Tips to Stay Stylish Amid The Pandemic

6 Tips to Stay Stylish Amid The Pandemic

Fashion and beauty routines have a unique way of reinventing our mood and our personality. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely put a damper in our daily routines in many ways, and it has also impacted our sense of fashion and style. Working from home has eliminated the need to dress up professionally for work everyday, and there has been a massive shift in the fashion and beauty cosmetology industry to accommodate the changing requirements of the customer. 

If you are someone who loves fashion and beauty, then here are 6 tips on how to stay stylish and fashionable amid the pandemic.

Top 7 Tips To Stay Stylish & Fashionable Amid Pandemic

1. Set a Skincare Routine

Staying indoors for most of the week may make you feel like you do not need to put in the effort to look after your appearance. However, this is not entirely true. Even though staying indoors is a necessity right now, things will improve soon and you want to be prepared for that eventuality. This pandemic-imposed lockdown is the best time for you to start giving your skin that extra bit of pampering it requires. Set a simple yet effective routine that will help your skin improve, you will be grateful for your routine in the long run.

2. Add Colours to Your Wardrobe

Formal dressing is another aspect of our daily professional lives which has taken the back seat. Working from home means that we seldom see the need to step out of our comfy pyjamas and dress up. But who says that working from home has to make your wardrobe? This is the perfect time to add some colourful outfits to your wardrobe. Try to purchase pyjamas in vibrant colours that make you happy, and maybe you may find newer colours that suit you!

3.Make an Effort to Be Fashionable

Since things around us are grim, it is easy to fall into a routine where you do not feel the need to dress up and be fashionable. However, studies show that making an effort in personal appearance and dressing fashionably can improve your mood greatly, and also help you break out of the rut. So try out new styles and designs in your outfits, and you never know you may find styles that you wish to retain in the future as well!

4.Experiment With Beauty Products

This pandemic is the right time to lock down your perfect beauty routine. Since you are home most of the time, you can experiment with various beauty products from leading brands in India. Some of the best cosmetology colleges in India are training professionals to launch cutting-edge and more effective beauty products which are also environment friendly. You can research such brands and inculcate their products into your beauty routine.

5. Revamp Your Personal Style

It is human nature to evolve constantly, and the same holds true for your personal style. There are many top designers who have studied the best fashion designing courses and have launched stylish outfits to suit the needs of a post-pandemic customer. You can try and add such outfits to your current wardrobe, and you never know, you may end up reinventing your style by the time the pandemic is a thing of the past.

6. Pursue a Career in Fashion & Beauty

If you are truly interested in taking your love for fashion and beauty to the next level then you can consider pursuing a career in this industry. Some of the top fashion designing colleges in India offer cutting-edge undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in fashion designing and beauty cosmetology. These programmes are designed to give creative students an edge over their competitors in the fashion and beauty industry. You can take up such a course and chart out a brand new career for yourself.


The world is constantly evolving, and so are the needs of the customer. The pandemic has shown us that nothing is permanent so it is best to carve a niche for yourself in an industry that never quits. Fashion and beauty cosmetology are both extremely futuristic industries which are projected to grow tremendously over the coming years. Pursuing a career in this industry is definitely the right choice for professionals looking for a challenging career.

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