Best Career Options After B.Sc Forensic Science in India

Best Career Options After B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Sc Forensic Science is an undergraduate program spread across three years and six semesters. There are many career options after B.Sc Forensic Science in India. As an undergraduate program the course curriculum of this program consists of academic knowledge and hands-on practical skills needed to work in the field. Forensic scientists are employed in a highly sensitive field and they need to have the right skills and knowledge to do their job well. If you are considering a career in forensic science, then this is the right program to pursue in this field.

Top career opportunities after B.Sc Forensic Science:

  1. Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigators are hired by the law enforcement department of a nation to analyse crime scenes and find the perpetrators. They are tasked with collecting evidence from the crime scene and analysing it accurately. They also have to make sure that the evidence collected is stored properly to avoid tampering and contamination. Besides this, crime scene investigators are also called upon in the court of law to provide evidence once the trial for a particular case is underway. These professionals work in a high-pressure and serious field as lives depend on their expertise.

  1. Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientists work in tandem with the police force to examine forensic evidence collected from a crime scene. The evidence can include blood, bodily fluids, weapons, fibres, skin fragments, clothing, and substances used to start a fire. After examining the evidence, they have to record a formally written statement that can be submitted in a court of law to convict the accused parties. If a case demands it, these professionals have to be present in a court of law in the capacity of expert witnesses to explain the evidence to the court.

  1. Scientific Lab Technician

Scientific lab technicians are professionals who perform research, scientific analysis of collected samples and support the results of scientific tests. They work in an analytical capacity by performing lab tests, recording results and presenting them in a scientific manner to the concerned authorities. They are also responsible for maintaining safety measures within the lab by disposing waste, maintaining clinical equipment and inculcating technological advancements within the lab. Pursuing B.Sc Forensic Science course in Nashik can help you become a successful scientific lab technician.

  1. Toxicologist

Toxicologists work in diverse settings and industries. Their primary job is to find out the chemical composition of a substance and its direct impact on the human body and the environment. Forensic toxicologists work in tandem with law enforcement agencies to collect and examine human samples collected from a crime scene. These professionals are responsible for examining the human body and finding out what kind of drugs or substances said person has consumed within the forensic framework. Lastly, they have to document their findings and submit them to the concerned authorities so that the law can take its course.

  1. Biomedical Scientist

There is a lot of scope after B.Sc Forensic Science to become a biomedical scientist if you want to pursue a more research-based career. Biomedical scientists study human DNA, immunology, transfusion science, virology and clinical chemistry to treat human conditions. These professionals conduct analytical tests and lab work to study samples provided to them. They then submit the results to healthcare professionals to help them diagnose the patient’s condition. These professionals are in huge demand in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Private Investigator

Becoming a private investigator is another exceptional career opportunity you can pursue after acquiring a degree in forensic science. As a private investigator you can take up independent cases from diverse clients or work with the law enforcement agencies on a freelance basis to solve crimes. This is a high-pressure job with a lot of responsibility, but can lead to an engaging and fulfilling career in the field of crime and law enforcement. You can implement your skills in catching criminals and creating a fool-proof case that can head to the victim attaining justice.


Forensic science is a serious career option to choose but can be highly rewarding in terms of serving justice and making a good salary. If you choose one of the top B.Sc Forensic Science colleges in Maharashtra, you will be able to study an industry-synced curriculum with added focus on practical skill development. Look for colleges with a well-established lab where you gain industry-relevant practical knowledge. Such colleges also offer 100% placement assistance to help students find the right start to their career. So conduct necessary research before making a final decision regarding a career in forensic science. Good luck!

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