Best Cosmetology & Beautician Courses After 12th

Best Cosmetology & Beautician Courses

There are many excellent cosmetology and beautician courses you can pursue after class 12 if you are serious about a career in the industry. The beauty and cosmetology industry is constantly changing, owing to the constantly changing demand of consumers. This industry is termed to be “recession-proof” as despite diverse economic changes impacting other sectors, the beauty and cosmetology industry manages to survive and surpass expectations. Hence, with the right qualifications and training, a career in cosmetology can be extremely rewarding and secure. Let’s take a look at the programs you can pursue for a good career in the field.

Top Cosmetology Courses after 12th:

B.Sc Beauty & Cosmetology

B.Sc Beauty and Cosmetology is an undergraduate program spanning across three years and six semesters. The program focuses on the scientific processes of formulating and developing skincare and cosmetic products for hair, skin, and nails.


Candidates who have completed 10+2 in the science stream or hold a Diploma in Pharmacy from a recognised educational board or university with minimum 50% marks are eligible for this program.

Subjects Covered & Pedagogy

Students opting for this program will acquire a combination of scientific academic knowledge and hands-on professional skills as required by the beauty and cosmetic industry. Topics covered in the curriculum of this program include Product Development, Cosmetic Chemistry, Quality Assurance, Environmental Science, Foreign Languages, and Advanced Dermatology.

Besides this, students at leading cosmetology colleges in Nashik also have access to value-added and global certification programs like Design Thinking, Photography, Content Writing and Journalism, Makeup Artistry, Entrepreneurship and other similar topics. Students are also trained in labs for enhanced skill development in the field of cosmetic science.

Scope & Career Opportunities

After completing this program, students can either opt for postgraduate studies or look for job opportunities in the industry. With this qualification, professionals can be hired as Cosmetology Product Evaluator, Product Developer, Quality Control Officer, Cosmetic Formulator, Beauty Consultant, Regulatory Officer, and Perfumery Evaluator. The pay scale of these professionals depends on the kind of companies they work for and the level of skills and knowledge they have about beauty cosmetology.

M.Sc Cosmetic Science

M.Sc Cosmetic Science is a postgraduate program spanning across two years and four semesters. The program is centred on advanced knowledge and training regarding cosmetology, and makeup and skincare products.


Candidates holding an undergraduate degree in science, engineering, beauty cosmetology, or pharmaceutical science from a UGC-recognised university with minimum 50% aggregate marks are eligible for this program.

Subjects Covered & Pedagogy

Students pursuing this program will be taught diverse subjects related to cosmetic science including Concepts of Cosmetic Chemistry, Concepts of Naturals & Ayurceutics, Research Methodology, Concepts of Quality Assurance, and Concepts of Skin Dermatology.

Besides this, students are further trained through compulsory internships, workshops, seminars, guest lectures by prominent industry experts, and globally recognised value addition programs. Projects, assignments, and research activities also make up a huge part of the course pedagogy to help students better understand the concepts of cosmetic science.

Scope & Career Opportunities

After completing this program, students can choose to pursue a PhD in cosmetic science to gain excellent research-based career opportunities in the field, or they can choose to look for prominent jobs in the industry. M.Sc Cosmetic Science is one of the best courses in Maharashtra for a thriving career in the beauty industry. After completing this program, candidates can be recruited as Product Development Manager, Senior Research Officer, Quality Control Officer, Senior Regulatory Officer etc.


Pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate program in beauty and cosmetology can be extremely rewarding. The market is constantly growing, as customer demands and needs are evolving with time. There is a huge market for eco-friendly and toxin-free beauty products, and cosmetic companies are hiring skilled and qualified professionals to create such products. So if you are serious about a career in beauty cosmetology, you can pursue the above mentioned programs for a successful career in the field. Good luck!

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