Career and Future Scope of B.Tech in Cyber Security

Future Scope of B.Tech in Cyber Security

Cyber security is the protection of sensitive data and personal information that may be stored on computer systems and cloud networks from cyber hacking and other such cyberattacks. A Career in Cyber Security can really put you at the helm of a futuristic field in IT. This is a dynamic field and there is a lot of demand for skilled and well-qualified professionals in this field.

Today, most businesses and government organisations rely heavily on computer networks and systems to conduct their operations. It is very important to have competent cyber security professionals to manage these networks and protect data from cyber criminals. Let us take a look at the career scope and the top jobs available in cyber security.

Career Scope after B.Tech in Cyber Security

Cyber security professionals are needed in various public and private sector businesses and organisations that conduct their operations on computer systems with access to cyberspace. Qualified professionals in this field can work for IT firms, banks, financial institutions, government agencies, intelligence agencies, educational institutions, and many more. Even small businesses with limited manpower definitely need a cyber security professional to safeguard their data and information from cyber theft.

Top Jobs after B.Tech in Cyber Security

1. Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is an integral part of an organisation’s IT team. Their goal is to ensure that the company’s computer networks are designed in such a manner that they are protected from cyberthreats. They conduct relevant quality checks, purchase required software and hardware designed to protect data, and implement cutting-edge network security systems to protect a company’s assets and sensitive information from cyberattacks.

2. Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber security analysts are professionals who conduct relevant analysis on a company’s network systems to check whether the cyber security measures are up to speed. They have to identify any possible vulnerabilities in an organisation’s network systems, suggest remedial actions to rectify the vulnerability, and maintain a robust cyber security network. These professionals can also work as consultants for different clients.

3. Chief Information Security Officer

A chief information security officer (CISO) is a professional who oversees the security of information relevant to a particular organisation. These professionals are generally in a leadership position where they oversee a team of cyber security professionals. Their main task is to regularly upgrade and maintain the cyber security and information security processes to avoid data leak. You will have to work your way up to this position in an organisation.

4. Cryptographer

Cryptographers are professionals that secure different kinds of computer network systems by creating algorithms and cyphers to ensure the encryption of information. They are tasked with the encryption of sensitive data to keep information and conversations secure. For example, Whatsapp provides its users with end-to-end encryption of their conversations, voice, and video messages. This is the duty of cryptographers working with Whatsapp to make this a possibility for users.

5. Security Software Developer

A security software developer is someone who creates different computer programs that are then used to safeguard data and computer network systems. They work for companies that develop such programs and then sell to organisations or individuals for personal use. They create systems, firewalls, anti-virus software, malware protection software and much more. These professionals play an important role in ensuring cyber security for businesses and individuals.

6. Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers are professionals that are very knowledgeable and skilled at understanding and revealing a cyber hacker’s reasoning for attacking a particular system or network. These professionals test and analyse the vulnerabilities and inherent issues with a particular network or computer system. They conduct necessary tests on a regular basis to ensure that the computer network is secure from external cyber threats. Ethical hackers are very valuable professionals in the cyber security arena.

7. Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud security engineers work with cloud technology and ensure that the data stored on cloud servers is secure from cyberattack. Cloud technology is the means by which businesses and individuals can store their professional or personal data on cloud servers for a small fee. Cloud technology is the future of the IT Industry and hence there is a need for skilled and talented cloud security engineers in the cyber security space.


These are some of the top jobs and career opportunities that could be open to you after completing an undergraduate program in cyber security. Top cyber security colleges in Maharashtra are well-equipped with high-tech labs and extremely professional faculty who can train you in this field.

Do some research and find a college that has the necessary infrastructure to support your education. Look for futuristic computer labs, modern classrooms, focused skill development, and 100% placement assistance in the college you choose. This will help you gain the right start to your career in cyber security. Good luck!

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